Top Six Applications Of DAM For Technology Firms

In today’s digitalized era, tech companies need a lot of digital content. There isn’t a shortage of content from product images, sell sheets, graphics, branded posts to videos. However, managing this content with workflows and business operations can be a daunting task. Somedays, you will find yourself juggling between videos and graphics, whereas at times, you might be wondering what to upload. After all, marketing teams are unable to manage massive content volumes manually.

Fortunately, digital asset management (DAM) software can help with content management. It allows marketers to upload, manage, share, and organize digital assets in one place. Thus, whether you have thousands of product images or branded graphics – you can store everything together. All the content will be accessible from any device at any time, anywhere.

Moreover, the high-end DAM software solutions backup and sync your data regularly to keep the files secure. If you have no idea about these applications, let us help you out. Here we are listing the top six applications of DAM for technology firms.

1.      Widen

Unlike traditional centralized shared digital asset libraries, Widen is an enterprise-grade DAM application. It allows multiple users to distribute their content across online forums such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. At the same time, it provides content analytics that reflects your content’s performance. For instance, a digital asset management application would reveal engagement and click-through rates if you uploaded an infographic.

Furthermore, the tech-savvy Widen DAM allows marketers to automate their marketing workflows. Instead of updating content manually, the software will use metadata to power workflows. Besides this, you can set up rule-based automation to inform visitors when new content gets uploaded. The software will send emails to users automatically who have subscribed or signed up on your webpage. In addition to reducing the workload from your end, a better content organization will improve results.

2.      Bright

The emerging Bright DAM software is bringing multiple solutions for tech firms. First, it offers a web-based, end-to-end experience forum where you can secure and organize digital assets. It has various tools such as lightboxes and bulk upload options to help you centralize and track content. Second, the software is available on-premises; hence, employees can reap the benefits of this application offline. The advanced download option enables file-sharing and also lets users customize the content.

Besides this, the software has a built-in content management system that can upscale digital workflows. It would give insights about content performance, help with uploading meta descriptions and keyword selection.

3.      Canto

Most tech firms involve tasks that aren’t user-friendly. So, why not hand over those operations to digital software? Canto’s digital asset management application has come into the limelight for all good reasons. For starters, it allows marketers to add keywords and smart tags to digital assets as per the product campaign and theme. Likewise, it can segregate and categorize digital content into six different folders. For example, if you have videos, images, text, and audio in one folder, the software will organize them separately.

In addition, entrepreneurs can set up workflows on DAM software. Perhaps, you can assign tasks to the employees virtually with a tentative deadline. The software will notify which employees have completed work timely and the ones who are lagging. These features will improve internal controls while ensuring your digital assets are utilized in the best possible way.

4.      Adobe Experience Manager

Undeniably, marketing is a diverse field. From promotional campaigns to paid advertisements, you have to manage everything simultaneously. Well, Adobe Experience Manager can help streamline your marketing operations. It offers a wide array of products aimed at tech, media, financial services, and entertainment. It also addresses asset management challenges such as information overload, scalability, and access rights.

Moreover, the Adobe DAM software can also speed up the creative process. The AI-enabled servers will give suggestions on topics and content formats, helping you keep up with customer preferences. Also, the DAM platform provides a shared forum so that investors and external stakeholders can review the digital assets. If you are skeptical about the security, enable the permission control feature. It will notify who is accessing the file and when.

5.      Image Relay

Do you have a small tech startup? Usually, small firms don’t have enough expertise and capital to invest in high-end digital asset management systems. In that case, opt for Image Relay. It lets marketers create customized metadata templates for different content formats, improving the search results for your assets. Similarly, you can draft a list of high-value or most-searched words to improve your content’s visibility on the search engine.

Apart from this, Image Relay DAM has the option of single sourcing. Thus, if you make changes in any files or folders, it will reflect the remaining instances. That way, your team members and the line manager would know about the changes made to the files. Since Image Relay is an independent platform, the pricing plan starts at $99 per month, affordable for emerging tech firms.

6.      Panopto

Alongside being a leading DAM software, Panopto specializes in enterprise video. In simple words, it helps with digital asset management. It enables companies to upload, host, and share videos on a secure forum. Hence, marketers can record and edit videos on the software, improving efficiency. They can also take advantage of the video search feature. They have to search for any word spoken in the video, and the clip will appear on the screen.

Moreover, large-scale live streamlining is another standalone feature of this software. You can turn on the live video during an event or a product launch and welcome millions of users virtually. It develops a connection with the audience while giving them an insight into your company’s operations.

Final Thoughts

With rising content volumes and digital assets, integrating DAM software in your marketing department can upscale operations. It will bring uniformity to your content generation process while increasing the overall productivity. Likewise, it will concisely organize assets to ensure you utilize the relevant asset when curating content. Without further ado, start looking up different DAM software and invest in the one that aligns with your business model.

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