Top free Grammarly alternatives tools

The word alternative means something with the same purpose and functions as the other one, here alternatives to Grammarly means all the list of software that perform the tasks as Grammarly does. 

Grammarly is perhaps as familiar to everyone as their finger print which helps individuals in the process of error-free writing, but you can also try out some others alternatives to Grammarly. For more Grammarly alternatives click here.

But let’s also discuss some of its alternatives manually. 

  1. WhiteSmoke
  2. Grammarly 
  3. PaperRater
  4. Slick Write
  • WhiteSmoke 

WhiteSmoke is an online premium alternative to Grammarly which most of the content creator prefer over Grammarly as this tool maintains some features that perhaps Grammarly does not, like availability of hundred of writing templates. 

The basic features of WhiteSmoke and Grammarly are of course the same like grammar checks, punctuation and plagiarism etc. is this sentence correct check here

Beyond, these same features WhiteSmoke also provides the users with some unique features which are helpful to create official documents and any other task that needs to be done in a professional and quick way. Some unique features of WhiteSmoke are given below. 

  1. Ready-made writing templates.
  2. Explanation of errors.
  3. Video tutorial.
  4. Translator and dictionary etc. 
  • Grammarly 

Grammarly is also one of the best online writing assistants that can bring a sea change in your writing journey. You will find the Grammarly at first, if you search for tools that aimed errors-free writing. 

To keep all your doubts away, Grammarly is obviously a best grammar checker and proofreading tool that has got millions of users. 

Grammarly helps the users not to stuck in grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation and also is a plagiarism checker.  

Grammarly is platforms friendly:

Grammarly is not dependent on special platforms but can be used through any of the most common platforms. Here, platforms mean that Grammarly is workable on windows, MS word and is usable on any browsers like chrome, Mozilla or even opera. 

Users of Grammarly:

A general survey indicates that Grammarly has gigantic number of users which no other single tool has got. According to the survey there are millions of users of Grammarly. 

The users may either be professional to English writing or newbies in learning process. This app is also used by native users at their personal and business level. In short, Grammarly isn’t limited with users which means anyone can use it. 

  • PaperRater

The list of free Grammarly alternatives also contains the tool named PaperRater which is a web-based proofreading software that helps its users in improving the writing skills. It does not allow even tiny errors to appear on your document due to robust grammar check. 

Using this app surely help the users with many things in their report or any proposal. These can be vocabulary usage, sentence length, passive voice, readability and analyses the beginning of sentence. 

Furthermore, the application provides its services in a very friendly way and the customer support is noticeable. Its premium version is really cheap whereas the interface of the tool is self-explanatory and effective. 

  • Slick Write 

Slick write is another online proofreading that let you work with it freely, the graph of the users of slick write is also high as it is the choice of professional bloggers, practicing students, SEO professionals, writers and novelists etc. 

A user can easily work through its interface as a result more readable content can be produced, slick write can also be used to add some professionalism to your resume and also demonstrate effective communication skills. 

The tool mainly informs you about the readability, usage of adverbs and sentence length etc. the best thing is that Slick write also has extension for chrome and Firefox.


Professionalism in writing is now an easy task with the help of online internet technologies that would not otherwise be possible. Companies, contents writers and students always need some kind of assistant to write Errors free. 

For the sack of excellent and professional writing there are now certain number of software available on the internet that perform the same function in different ways. 

In this article, we have just gone through four of them which were quite familiar to me and perhaps many of the users. So, guys let’s try any of the mentioned software and observe yourself either or not we make any changes in our writing. 

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