Top 7 Trending Cryptocurrencies in 2021

In this article, we will be going over 7 of the top cryptocurrencies that you should keep an eye out for as we approach 2021. In this article, I will show you only what I believe to be true and accurate information regarding these coins based on both their current state as well as what they have planned for the upcoming months and years. If you think there is a cryptocurrency or a few which should definitely be part of this list, feel free to let me know in the comment section below!

If you don’t already own some Bitcoin , Ethereum or Litecoin  (or any other popular altcoins) then go check out my beginners guide to buying cryptocurrencies . Now onto all things future related! 😉

1 – Ethereum

No surprises here. Ethereum is currently the leader when it comes to smart contracts and decentralized applications. The majority of ICO’s are being created using the ERC20 token standard , which is built on top of Ethereum. These tokens are fueling the rise of new DApps all with their own unique set of functions. One application that has recently gained a huge amount of popularity is CryptoKitties  which I’m sure you have heard about by now! This game is centered around collecting as many cute kitties as possible…because, why not? It uses Ethereum’s network to provide 100% uptime, speed, security for gamers worldwide.

2 – Gigecoin

Gigecoin is a cryptocurrency that plans on being the new go-to currency for high-quality digital services. Their team has been working hard on growing their presence in the VFX and 3D industries by providing a simple, easy to use service which can be used by all members of these communities regardless of their current financial situation. This gigecoin is currently valued at under $1 so definitely keep your eye out for it!

3 – Litecoin

Litecoin has been around for some time now and they have remained one of the most popular cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin’s inception back in 2009. The reason for this lies within the fact that Litecoin was one of the first currencies to adopt both SegW and Lightning Network . Since then, more and more cryptocurrencies have begun implementing both of these technologies and this is definitely a good thing for many reasons. Litecoin has also been very vocal about their plans to provide LN implementation on their network which will allow them to compete with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero and Ripple that already offer some form of instant payment processing.

4 – Ariva Coin

This coin is very new. It was launched back in December of 2017 and has only just begun implementing its main features over the past two months. Ariva coin plans on being a platform for both VR/AR, Gaming and real-estate by providing users with an easy way to browse through all the available listings in the comfort of their own homes…VR style!

Their currency, ARI can be used not only to purchase products or pay rent fees but also to take part in games created within the Ariva ecosystem . They plan on having tournaments where users will compete against each other in order to win prizes like cryptocurrencies, physical goods (such as graphic cards), video game merchandise etc. All you need in order to play is your PC or your smartphone (if you play on mobile).

5 – Adelphoi (Adl)

Adel is a blockchain incubator which focuses primarily on helping new startups get their ideas off the ground. This may seem like nothing more than mere boasting but they have already started to make this dream into a reality by helping multiple other coins (such as Ethereum, NXT, Waves and Lisk ) in getting onto exchanges while providing them with all the necessary resources needed to succeed. They are also planning on implementing their own decentralized exchange known as ” iFin “. These guys do not mess around! 😉

6 – Dentacoin

Dentacoin is another coin that has recently garnered some mainstream attention thanks to their unique approach towards dentistry related services. While most dentists cater to a niche crowd that can afford their services, Dentacoin is targeting the entire global population by providing low-cost options which allow them to offer high quality dental care for everyone! They have even started a “Dentacoin Assurance” program where patients will be able to pay for their future procedures using DCN in order to make sure they receive the best possible service when they visit the dentist. This coin is definitely one you should keep an eye out for if you ever plan on visiting your local dentist anytime soon!

7 – BitBean

As far as I know, this currency was created back in 2015 which means it has been around for quite some time now. Even though its value never really took off, this coin may still be worth checking out if you are looking for something new. While I am not too familiar with BitBean’s structure and what they plan on doing in the future, it does seem like it is very easy to get started with them which is definitely something that cannot be said about most cryptocurrencies out there!


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