Top 6 Reasons Some Customers Return A Purchase

There are different reasons why customers return a purchase to the store where they made it. Sometimes, they want to get something else instead of what they bought or maybe because that item was not what they expected.

Other times, there is some problem with the product, which causes them to go back to the store for an exchange or refund.

What is customers’ return?

Returning an item is when a customer purchases an item in a store and then takes it back because it was not what they wanted or needed. It also occurs when the customer bought something and realized that their money could be spent on something else, like another purchase, making them happier than the first one.

Also, customers may want to switch to a different size, color, or model for an item they bought.

Here are some of the six common reasons customers return an item to the store.

  1. The product is defective

Sometimes, a customer may return a purchase because the item is simply defective. While some of these cases are due to mishandling by the customers themselves, many times, it’s not their fault that they have to go back to the store and get another item or get a refund.

  1. The customer wants something else instead

While some customers return a purchase because of a problem, others do so because they have changed their minds and now want something different. This reason is common among those who buy fashion accessories or clothes that they later realize don’t look good on them after trying them out somewhere else.

  1. The product is not as advertised

Another common reason customers return purchases is that it’s not what was advertised or promised. There are many times when the product turns out to be something different from what the customer has seen in TV advertisements.

  1. The purchase doesn’t fit

Sometimes, a customer returns an item for some fashion accessories like shoes or bags because it simply doesn’t fit. While it may be challenging to know what size fits a person most of the time, sometimes they find a product that doesn’t seem right for their body type.

  1. The customer changed their mind

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the product, and the customer decides that they do not want it anymore. In this case, the customer may return an item because it’s taking up space in their home, and there is no need to have it around.

In some cases, customers realize that they don’t have enough time to use a specific product as often as they would like. Other times, they see many other things in their homes that they want to use more than the product in question.

  1. The price was too high

Finally, sometimes customers return purchases because the item was too expensive. Some items may be helpful, but since they cost too much, they aren’t worth purchasing unless there is a special offer or the customer has enough coupons to use.


These are just some of the common reasons customers return a purchase to the store where they bought it. While many stores do not accept returns unless there is something wrong with the product, other stores encourage this and let customers exchange items no questions asked.

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