Top 5 Qualities of Graphene FX

In today’s Graphene FX review, we’ll take a look at the top 5 qualities of Graphene FX that make it unique to its competitors. Graphene FX is a name you’ve probably heard of before, whether you’re a seasoned Forex trader or a newcomer trying to get into the expanding forex market. In the worldwide currency market, Graphene FX is a well-known broker with a legal name. Graphene has developed a unique way to trading that helps traders feel highly competent by giving them with tactics and concepts that, when implemented successfully, can assist establish trading strategies.

  1. FSA Regulated

Regulation plays a key role in the success of any forex broker. The fact that Graphene FX is regulated under the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Act has been one of the key factors driving the global trust. Because Graphene FX Limited is licensed by Financial Services Authority (FSA) as an international broker, it has earned the credibility and confidence of forex traders, whether experienced or new.

  1. Market Experience

Market experience was one of our top criteria for our Graphene FX review as most traders value brokerage experience when it comes to Forex trading, particularly if they are new to the industry. Since its debut in the forex market in 2012, Graphene FX has managed more than 350,000 clients. It is an ideal pick for newbies because of its great 10 years of expertise and substantial user community.

  1. Multi-Platform Support

One of the key findings of our Graphene FX review is its multi-platform support. The Graphene FX system is compatible with its customers for further ease. They offer the original MT4 and MT5 platforms, which are compatible with Android and iOS devices and therefore are supported on desktops, smartphones, and tablet devices. One-click dealing, advanced analytics, above 50 descriptors, three chart kinds including techniques and derivatives, and secure Hosting service are perhaps a few of the platform features on offer. 

  1. Assets Security

As asset value rises, so does the security risk. Graphene FX and its subsidiary companies do around 1.3 million trades each day. Graphene FX is a well-established forex brokerage at over $ 4 million in capital reserves, ranking it one of the industry’s top forex brokers. Every trader cherishes the safety of their assets, and Graphene FX has earned consumers’ trust by providing complete stability protection and transaction insurance for their offshore bank accounts.

  1. Client oriented approach

Customer service is an aspect where Graphene FX outclasses its competitors. They regard the clients and strive to make their jobs easier and more effective while also increasing their likelihood of succeeding. This is also true for quick work order transactions, when orders are completed in under a second with a positive outcome of 99 percent. Our Graphene FX review focused on its customer service and was never disappointed. The strive on empowering its clients and assisting them in improving their skills over time by providing the best learning tools available, such as daily articles, breaking news, and YouTube videos.

 So, if you don’t want to deal with this broker even after our extensive Graphene FX review and this much qualities, you are missing out on such a fantastic privilege of working with one of the most genuine, dedicated, loyal, respected and trustworthy forex brokerage services. To get started, follow these basic steps: register, verify your identity, transfer funds and start working with them right away.

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