Top 5 Law Degree Jobs to Do

The courtroom is considered the mainstay for lawyers. The few who remain in the corridors of justice to practice law enjoy the limelight and handsome returns. However, these lawyers have classmates who never step into any courtroom yet they continue to practice what they learned in class. 

A law degree opens opportunities to work in multiple areas where your skills are needed. The choice of area to practice depends on your passion. Luckily, each area comes with incredible opportunities to grow as a professional. You can also make a fortune practicing law in different places apart from the courtroom.

Here are the top five jobs you can do with your law degree. 


Litigation in the courts is the most common landing point for lawyers upon graduation. You will be invited to represent clients and argue their cases before a judge. Lawyers begin by arguing cases before magistrates in lower courts. You may also tag along with an experienced lawyer who will introduce you to higher courts fast. 

Lawyers in court also have preference areas of practice. You may choose criminal law, commercial disputes, or human rights issues, among others. There are family lawyers whose specialization is divorce and custody issues. The international courts and tribunals also require brilliant legal minds. Litigation is an endless field for lawyers. 


The judiciary has numerous jobs for lawyers. The most common is that of a magistrate or a judge. Your work will be to adjudicate over issues presented by complainants in court. 

Most judges rise from the position of a magistrate before appointment to be a judge. The lower courts offer a chance to learn how cases are adjudicated. As you gain confidence, you can handle the weighty matters, including appeals. You rise from a district court to a state and eventually a federal court. 

The ultimate reward for a judge is getting to the Supreme Court. You have the chance to become a Chief Justice. It is one of the most respected legal professions in the world. 

Commercial transactions

Businesses require legal advice before completing transactions. A lot of lawyers are enjoying high-flying careers as legal officers in the business. It gives you a chance to work in different fields like insurance, media, education institutions, and mining, among others. Get the best law assignment help and watch as your career takes off in your desired direction. 

The work of a legal officer is to scrutinize documents before they are accepted into the business or sent to clients. You also advise the business on legal matters, especially when disputes arise or to avoid disputes. It takes a specialist in a particular industry to offer the best business legal advice.

Human interest law

How about representing the oppressed in advocacy? You may choose different areas like education, environment, and consumer protection, among others. The lawyer obtains support from NGOs or the community to plead cases on behalf of populations oppressed by the actions or decisions of other people. You need passion and a humanitarian heart to thrive in this area. 


Non Governmental Organizations around the world are looking for brilliant legal minds to run their programs. Lawyers get preferential treatment because they understand the legal implications of different actions. In many cases, the NGOs are advocating the case for the oppressed in a particular area. Who is better placed to take up such cases than a lawyer?

A law degree does not confine you to the courts. In fact, only a fraction of lawyers end up arguing cases in court. Law is one of the degrees that allow you to work anywhere because all entities and individuals will require legal advice at one point.

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