Top 4 Software Testing Trends Expected To Be Followed In The Near Future

Software testing plays an imperative role in enhancing the quality of any software. Nowadays, companies are allocating huge amounts from their budgets to the quality assurance processes. Therefore, software testing is expanding day by day.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting a list of 4 software testing trends that are expected to be followed shortly.

1.Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Automation   

There are zillions of apps beings used in this interconnected world. It has been predicted that artificial intelligence will continue to expand in every direction of creative technology. Quality assurance teams and software testing can enhance automated testing methods with the assistance of analytics and reporting. 

This will help the software testing companies to make frequent releases with the support of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Software testers adopt artificial intelligence algorithms to prioritize and pinpoint the realm for increased automated testing.

  1. Test Demands for Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things (IoT) is a quickly progressing concept of technology. We are going to witness that it will rapidly adopt the 5G standards. It will bring:

  • Large quantity of new gadgets to the market
  • Probability for testing platforms, devices, and protocols
  • Endless operating systems

The demand for the testing of the following things will increase with the growth in the software and the quality assurance markets.

  • Data integrity
  • Usability
  • Compatibility
  • Security
  • Performance

Just a small percentage of companies adopt internet of things (IoT) methodologies. Nevertheless, this trend is anticipated to grow in the coming period. The multiplication of IoT apps has caused an increase in data volume generation, entailing big data testing by big e-commerce corporations.

As a consequence, big data testing has a great effect on the software testing companies’ ability to:

  •         Assess information
  •         Make data-driven decisions
  •         Enhance marketing targeting and strategizing
  1.       Performance Engineering

Information Technology and software testing companies have started to think again regarding their aims in light of a customer-focused approach to quality standards at all phases of the software development lifecycle. As a consequence performance testing objectives such as speed, scalability, and stability in different consequences have grown into exploring the poor performance of the system and seeing the point where it began throughout the development procedure. Developers, testers, and quality assurance engineers can utilize performance engineering to develop imperative performance measurements from the original design. Performance engineering is more of corporate culture than a set process. In this teams are expected to shift from running checkbox testing scripts to:

  •         Evaluating every component of the testing system
  •         Tracking business and customer values
  1.       Rapid Adaptation of Codeless Test Automation Technology

This codeless test automation technology permits quick development of test cases to do test automation. This technology is based on visual modeling and Artificial Intelligence. The quality assurance engineers in the software testing companies will be expected to allocate no time on test case development due to the usage of automated testing solutions. This will decrease the time allocated on repeated test cases. Hence, the increased adoption of test automation technologies is the upcoming trend that people will witness in the coming years.


Software testing is transforming over time. It is continuously evolving and developing with the transposing technology landscape from artificial intelligence to machine learning. After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that software testing companies must keep an eye on these trends if they want to enhance customer experience. Furthermore, following these predicted trends will keep the company’s position ahead of its competitors.

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