Top 3 Companies for Software Development in New York

We all want the best regardless of what we’re choosing. Being the best helps us stand out and to be different. The problem is though, how do you know what the best looks like? In fact, the definition of ‘the best’ is often different to everyone. For example, some companies like to be rated on profits alone whereas others like to be evaluated on how much they support and develop their people. The same thing applies when trying to find the best software companies in New York. What does the ‘best’ mean? Essentially though, the question is, what criteria are you going to use?

This is where it can all get a bit tricky. Are you more interested in market growth or emerging technology? What about something completely different such as social impact? When it comes to software, the idea of social impact can be quite controversial. Are we doing the right thing by humans or are we simply storming ahead with technology regardless of who suffers? Fortunately, there are people who worry about these things, including some of the software companies in New York. In fact, the following 3 were determined by cross-referencing the ‘best of ‘ lists whilst not forgetting their impact on people: 

  • Door3
  • Theodo
  • Blue Portal


With a flexible approach, and professional development at their core, the Door3 teams are passionate and curious experts. They work both in New York and as far away as the Ukraine. In fact, Door3 is headquartered in New York and focuses on mid-market businesses. They are known for their strong user experience, as explained in some of their client feedback. In case you’re wondering, there are some great market research companies that reach out to past clients for feedback.

Whilst they operate in all industries, Door3 has particularly good experience in the financial services, insurance, legal, construction, consumer & retail and education sectors. They also work with non-profit businesses which is how they can support social impact. In addition, they offer a range of services from big data consulting, mobile app development and custom software solutions, amongst others. 


These project managers and software developers are based in New York as well as London and Paris. Their specialty is project management methodologies including lean, scrum and DevOps. In fact, they even share their learnings in workshops that they regularly hold across the world. That’s their  way of giving back and trying to build a community around co-learning and shared values.

Theodo is one of the leading software companies in New York. This means that their teams enjoy access to all the tools and technologies to operate at their best. Overall, they offer a range of services from custom software development to web, mobile and full stack development as well as digital transformation. Interestingly, they are headquartered in London. This gives them a slightly different style and focus even though they have offices in New York as well as Paris.

Blue Portal

This renowned name is one of your more classic software companies in New York in that it focuses on generating profit through innovation. However, they have some good case studies of working with, for example, counselling companies to improve their content management. Blue Portal’s work allowed the counselling services client to expand their local presence. The client was therefore able to bring more support and personal help to those who needed it.

Blue Portal also partners with some of the big names, including Google and GoDaddy. This means that their reach and expertise offers you endless possibilities. Their services include software development as well as DevOps services and applications performance management. They tend to focus on small to mid-sized businesses and are particularly expert within the financial services, healthcare and commerce sectors.

Final Words on the Top 3 Software Companies in New York

Choice is a personal decision but don’t forget to include your teams when making your final selection. At the end of the day, it’s the people on the ground who do the heavy lifting. Therefore, the more you include them in your decision then the more likely your project will be a success.

The 3 software companies in New York-listed above are all software companies professional businesses who offer a high level of expertise and quality. You therefore can’t go too wrong. Of course, when hiring, you should make sure that you ask them as many questions as you can about their experience, approach and technical experience. However, in the end, you’ll enjoy a transformation within your business regardless. In fact, the majority of software companies in New York offer you professionalism and top expertise. You simply need to figure out if their style and approach works for you. So take your time and find the right partner that fits for you, your teams and your business. 

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