Top 12 Entertainment Apps to Go For in 2021

Mobile industry is always expanding as more and more apps are added to enhance user-experience and transition on the digital front. The rise of COVID-19 pandemic which prompted global lockdowns, curfews and induced work from home/remote working culture further resulted in significant growth of the digital industry while adding more and more mobile apps to their respective OS’s online store.

That said, two of the most dominant app stores are Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS); both are now billion dollar-worth industries . Other than work and business, a large share of amazing UAE mobile app developers with dedicated Dubai mobile app development working for the entertainment industry which further expanded with online streaming platforms.

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest entertainment mobile apps we’re sure to see dominating 2021; for both Android and Apple devices.

1. Netflix


The US-based on-demand video streaming service provider has earned global fame mostly because some of the best television shows are now hosted and premiered for early watch first! None other than Netflix, it now has more than 200-million paid subscribers worldwide and a bit more for free-trial version.

The streaming service however, now has many competitors such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Box, Hulu and recently launched Disney Plus. Total mobile app downloads for Netflix was 24-million, including 8-million iOS app downloads and 16-million Android. Netflix app is available to download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Find out more about Netflix from the URL given below.


2. YouTube


Perhaps, no entertainment app or prominent names can beat the likes of YouTube, being owned by Google as one of its leading streaming platforms. Other than downloads and streaming, the monthly user login rate for YouTube surpass two-billion whereas daily number of hours streamed are minimum one-billion. This particular streaming mobile app recorded approximately 20-million downloads and available for both Android and iOS. Check out more about the biggest entertainment channel from the URL below.


3. Spotify

Spotify had its origin from Sweden and is a prominent music streaming app that can be conveniently used on both mobile and desktop computers. Total number of active user-base is more or less 250 million whereas registered/paid subscribers are around 120 million however; do note that monthly subscription charges are different from a country to another so check yours in advance.

New subscribers are however offered three months of free service with access to all the features. Total number of downloads till date are more than 21 million; combining both Google Play and Apple Store. Learn more about Spotify from the given link.


4. Amazon Prime Video

Also known as Prime Video, the US-based online video on-demand service operated by Amazon is famous for best movie download app, streaming unseen, original and exclusive content along with some of the most popular television shows that viewers can watch anytime, anywhere. For paid members, movies and shows from renowned broadcasting channels namely HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ can be watched. Total number of app downloads for both Android and iOS are more or less 15-million. Check out more details by visiting the URL provided below.


5. Apple Music

In June 2015, Apple officially released its own music streaming service by the name Apple Music to compete the likes of YouTube Music and Spotify. At first, the service was exclusive only to Apple devices which limited the number of users, paid subscriptions and downloads, thus prompting corporate owners to change their decision and enable downloads on Android devices as well.

Like Spotify, subscription rate for Apple Music varies from a country to another so you can check yours easily on the respective app stores. Total number of app download from both Play Store by Google and App Store by Apple is 1.2 million so far and rising steadily. Get a detailed insight on Apple Music from the link provided below.


6. Twitch

Twitch is video streaming service and Amazon’s subsidiary whereas the name comes from its operating team that’s called Twitch. Being highly interactive, Twitch is a general-purpose streaming platform which means users can even upload their preferred media files like movies, music and even games. Although the service is originally for video streaming, the app gained fame for its game streaming service and can be subscribed against different packages based on monthly charges. Total app downloads are 7.5-million combining both iOS and Android. Here’s the URL for you to get more insights on Twitch by Amazon.


7. PUBG Mobile

Mobile gaming has been around for a while but the trend truly lighted up with the release of PUBG Mobile, becoming one of the most popular gaming entertainment source with lowest subscription fee per month. Co-produced by Xbox Game Studio, Krafton, Tecent games and PUBG Corporation, its released has reshaped the gaming industry for everyone while climbing to the year’s top five most sought-after entertainment apps of all time. Savvy gamers can download PUBG Mobile app on both Android and Apple devices. Total number of downloads is approximately 11-million and growing for Apple and Google Android devices. Visit the link below for more details on the famous game.


8. Google Play Books

Google Play Book or Google eBook as formerly known is an ultimate reading app to host a lot of books in its digital library including the audio playbook feature which further makes it worth subscribing to. Owned and operated by search engine giant, Google Play Book offers official distribution rights from various digital libraries and eBook platforms like Scribd, Book mate, Kindle Unlimited, Playster, Kobo Plus and many others. Total downloads so far are 1.2-million combining results of both Play Store and App Store. Check below for more details on Google Play Books.


9. Minecraft

In 2020, Minecraft celebrated its 11th anniversary and still among the most lovable kids entertainment app which lets your little ones to build their own world from blocks and creative ingeniousness. Available to download on every phone, table, desktop computer and laptop, Minecraft is a paid app but if you’re looking for free alternatives, there’re plenty more options available like Roblox and Terraria. Total number of downloads is nearly 1.3-million for both Apple and Google Android. The URL below provides more detailed insight on Minecraft, feel free to check it out.


10. Among Us

Becoming a super hit app in 2020 given to the pandemic-prompted lockdown and curfew, Among Us is a multiplayer game for 4-10 players. For both grown-ups and children, the game lets you choose between two opposing groups namely Crewmates or Imposters that are assigned to either spaceships or planet bases, defending their team against each other. The game has potential to remain popular in 2021 as well so it’s worth downloading. Total number of downloads, combining results from both Android and iOS app stores is approximately 50-million. Here’s more to know about the game.


11. Teach your Monster to Read

Nominated for BAFTA award and a series of inventive apps, Teach your Monster to Read falls in the category of gaming entertainment app for children allowing them to improve their vocabulary, letter skills and encourages reading. In short, it’s a complete Montessori for children especially during the closed education institutions and schools. More or less 10k downloads have been recorded till now for both Google and Apple devices. The link below will redirect you to the official game website, providing more details and insight on the app.


12. Duolingo

Learn to read and talk in 36 languages including Spanish, Japanese and French with the amazing education plus entertainment app, developed for both adults and children alike. The Streak feature of Duolingo is actually a pro version to ensure you load it up daily for learn and play at the same time. It’s free to use as long as you’re okay with the advertisements but paid version is ad-free named as Duolingo Plus. The app sums up to more or less 9-million downloads as a combined result from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To know more about the game, check the URL provided below.


Almost everyone today owns a smartphone so don’t forget to download the entertainment apps from the list provided above. It’s all about fun, learning and entertainment.



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