Important things to know about Virtual Private Server 

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If a business is experiencing rapid growth, and want to shift from Shared hosting but does not afford it, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the best option to shoes between Shared and Dedicated hosting servers.

But before shifting hosting, first, the meaning and working of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) should be crystal clear.

What is VPS hosting? 

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting imitates a dedicated hosting environment. The main difference between dedicated hosting servers and VPS is in the allocation of the system’s resources which are divided into the individual sites on the server.

VPS runs several, one of kind virtualized operating systems on a single server. Each system in this acts as if it is a dedicated server.

So, we can say that VPS hosting allows users to have complete control because it’s both private and virtual.

Advantages of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting 

Virtual Private Server hosting is similar to dedicated server hosting services but VPS is much cheaper. VPS hosting system allows you to install any type of software that is compatible with it. Every VPS software is installed separately, allowing independent functionality for all users.

Types of VPS hosting 

There are two types of VPS hosting, and users can choose any of them depending on their skill level, overall preference, and budget.

Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS is appropriate for people who are tech-savvy and understand Linux command lines and Windows. VPS is delivered to the customer by the service provider. The customers have to install, upgrade, customize, and monitor it. Other duties they have to carry out include:

    • Install the software, fix the control panel, and taking care of the software update.
    • Be aware of the security threats, install security patches, and fix error messages
    • As per the agreement with the host will not support, in case of hardware failure,
    • Maintain and configure the server including any desired upgrade.
    • Setting up the website’s backup service

Managed VPS 

This type of VPS hosting is for individuals who do not want to be the administrator of the server. It has excellent customer service, software installation, and updates for its users. In this way, one can focus on the website, brand, and customers.

This type of VPS supports you by keeping the server up and running and taking care of the virtual server. Managed VPS provides the following services to its customers:

  • A complete server setup

A managed VPS hosting services provider will install a control panel, operating system, server software, and other applications.

  • Handle updates

A support team will handle all the applications, operating system updates, and ongoing fine-tuning of the server.

  • Security

The security patches for the operating system and core system software will be installed and updated by managed VPS hosting services provider.

  • Monitoring the system

Managed VPS hosting checks for early signs of hardware failure and monitor the server.

  • Provide backups

An earlier version of the data can be retrieved, in case of any mishap.

Managed vs unmanaged VPS 

Unmanaged VPS is beneficial for those individuals who want to customize and monitor their own VPS. But one has to have expertise in this field because the service provider will not assist you. You will install, update all parts of the server, including security fixes.

With managed VPS, hosting services providers will manage all the things mentioned above.


VPS hosting provides more security for any website. It also gives more resources and is more reliable than shared hosting. VPS hosting is similar to dedicated hosting but doesn’t cost much.

Many shared hosting users switch to VPS because they need:

– Steady performance

– Root access for a web application

– More resources of the server for web application

Many dedicated server users switch to VPS hosting because they need:

– A cost-effective solution for required resources for web application

– Technical support of web hosting company

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