Tips on How to Help Your 3rd Grader with Math  

Don’t limit learning to be done at school alone. Rather, if you want your children to have an easier and more enjoyable learning experience, you can introduce a bit of fun to the subject. Encourage your kids to talk about some of the math concepts they are learning in school, and help them put these concepts into practice.

With your help, your children can quickly get over whatever fear or dislike of mathematics they may harbor. Follow these basic tips suggested by experts in the education field.

Speak positively about math

Sometimes, your child’s fears will simply be a mirror of what you say or do. Speak about math in a positive manner, and show them how solving math equations can be easy. Much like your child will learn to love reading when you model a healthy reading habit; children who are raised in families where math is a favored subject are more likely to develop a love for the subject.

Show your kids real-life math problems

Whenever and wherever you can, show your children how math can be used to solve real-life problems. It could be while you are grocery shopping in the supermarket, and you need to figure out how much change you will collect at the counter. Or, while measuring the ingredients for cooking, you could ask your child to help you with the measurements.

Readout math problems

To help your struggling child get through a math problem they are finding difficult to understand, read the problem aloud carefully together with your child. Help them make sense of the question and figure out what they need to solve. This will allow them to come up with a strategy for solving the problem.

Play math games

Kids love to play, and you can take advantage of this by introducing some simple math into playtime. During a long road trip, you can help them practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills through simple and fun games. Ask them to figure out how many more hours are left in the trip, judging by how fast the car is going, and the distance remaining. You can also use the best free kids learning games to keep your child busy while you attend to other things.

Teach them math with sports and money

Adding and subtracting money is something that children learn about quickly as they learn the value of money. Increase the difficulty level by asking them to count dollar bills and coins, and add up the value including the decimal point.

Also, if your child enjoys watching or partaking in sports, you can show them how the dividing lines in a field represent real life fractions.

Tell time

Your children will get better at telling the time if you constantly practice with them. All through the day, ask your little ones to check the clock and tell you what the time says. You can ask them to calculate how many hours are left until lunchtime, dinner time, and bedtime.

Practice with worksheets

Practice makes perfect – as the old saying goes, and it applies in learning as well as anywhere else. Help your 3rd graders practice what they have learned so far in math class with some third grade math worksheets, and more educational material available online.

Follow these tips to help your third grader develop their math skills, and you should see some improvement in how easily they work through math problems.

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