Three Sure-Fire Tips for Authors to Generate Press Coverage for a Book Launch

Most authors believe completing the manuscript of their book is the most integral step towards making it a bestseller. However, they wince even at the thought of generating press coverage, which is essential for a successful launch. 

Amazon adds more than 100,000 book titles to its online library every month, but only rarely does a title become a bestseller. In the digital age, readership trends suggest a switch towards digital media, and publicizing a book has become increasingly Facebook jail meme difficult. However, if you generate public fanfare through extensive media coverage, not much can stop your book from being successful. A professional digital PR agency will not only help authors have better online exposure but also generate media coverage for the book launch. Listed below are some valuable tips for authors to consider:

  • Conduct a PR audit

Conducting a PR audit is the first step towards generating media coverage. A PR audit helps the author identify noteworthy aspects of a book before pitching it to reputable media organizations like Forbes and USA Today. A PR audit lays out clear goals for media promotion, setting your objectives and expectations straight. Tools like social media verification services give media placement agencies resources to improve author branding and highlight the press-worthy points of a book with a PR audit. A PR audit is instrumental for a purposeful approach towards generating press, and the right digital PR agency can help you find publicity with relevant media exposure.

  • Write a press release

An impactful press release creates awareness about a book before its launch. It helps the book find new audiences and diverse markets by leveraging the influence of credible publications that highlight its resourcefulness to its loyal readers. Press releases improve SEO optimization and traffic by redirecting search engine queries to the website. 71% of journalists consider press releases useful for publications. However, they are flooded with brand pitches, and thus, drafting an impeccable pitch is imperative for grabbing their attention. Media PR agencies have expertise in developing pitches that invigorate curiosity. They include excerpts from the book, facts, figures, and key statistics in the media pitch to highlight noteworthy points. Hire a media PR agency for guidance on developing the perfect media pitch to find publicity for the book before its launch.

Before developing a pitch for popular publications, it is advisable to know their benchmarks and susceptibilities. Think about what they might want before sending your pitch. Moreover, develop a focused pitch that explains why your book is a worthy read, why it deserves mention in the target publication, its relevance for editors, and its significance to their readers. In addition, be clear and concise in your language. It helps if you already share a close rapport with the journalists and editors of a publication. Otherwise, consult a digital PR agency that knows how to get you featured in Forbes and other respected publications.  

  • Pitch it to relevant publications

The most pivotal step to generating media coverage for authors is relevant targeting. If your book is pertinent to business readers, a feature in publications like WIRED may pose fewer benefits than a mention in Forbes. It is essential to pitch to the right publications and improve the conversion rate from your media features. You can consult a media placement agency to find relevant publications for the media coverage of your book. A media placement agency offers access to some of the most reputed media organizations and knows how to get you featured in Tech Times, Forbes, and USA Today.

Obtaining media coverage for a book is the result of careful planning and hard work. Authors may not have the time, resources, and access to do the same. Thus, partnering with a digital PR agency can be a helpful alternative. A credible digital PR agency will guide you on how to get featured on USA Today or any other media outlets without any hassle and create a roadmap for gaining more readers.

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