Things to Remember When Partnering a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Choosing the right private label supplement manufacturer is not easy at all in today’s intensely competitive market environment. As long as you know what you require there will be less confusion about what to look for in your supplier and what to expect from them. You need to remember that the easier it is for the manufacturer to produce and supply what you need the lesser would be your cost of procurement. If you are new into the business of selling supplements, knowing to balance this process will be really beneficial for you. Even if you have been in this business for a few years, it is important to know what you can expect from your supplier.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration 

The manufacture, supply and sales of nutraceutical supplements are regulated by the FDA and it is mandatory for all businesses involved in such activity in the United States to be registered with the FDA. This is a basic statutory requirement of the business but don’t assume that your white label supplement manufacturer has it; verify it before partnering with them.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification 

Although the certification seal displays just GMP it is officially referred to as CGMP or current good manufacturing practice. This is an additional certification requirement that the FDA has imposed for manufacturers to comply with. It requires a manufacturing unit to develop systems with safe design for optimum process control and monitoring mechanism. A private label supplements manufacturer needs to have this certification.

Quality control and assurance 

When you are selling nutraceutical supplements that have a direct application on the human body, you need to be absolutely sure about the quality of the products you are selling. Your private label supplement manufacturers should provide you a certificate of analysis for the product batches they supply to you. If they refuse to provide this certification, you must not accept the product. In fact, you need to include this condition in the agreement that you sign with the supplier.

Minimum order quantity 

Private label manufacturing businesses usually have a minimum order quantity requirement that you must fulfill. They have this requirement to optimize the production runs which have certain input and capacity utilization costs that need to be justified.

Fast turnaround whenever required 

Markets are very competitive in all business segments, more so in nutraceutical supplements. Unless you are absolutely sure about the demand cycles of the product you are selling, you need to respond fast to any sudden upsurge of demand for a particular product. Your private label supplement manufacturers should be in a position to supply the product in the required quantity within your timeline.

Custom contract supplement manufacturing 

Will your private label supplement manufacturing partner customize certain supplements for you? This is a very important requirement because you may want to market a different formulation exclusively. Clarify these points before you enter into any agreement with the manufacturer.

Do you need turnkey services? 

Depending on your priorities as well as your infrastructure, you might require your cosmetic and dietary supplement manufacturer to provide turnkey services. You need to decide whether you want the manufacturer to package your products, design and print your brand labels, handle your orders and ship your products directly to your customers. It is for you to make the decision about what you want from the manufacturer and verify what they can do for you.

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