The Value of Partnering with a Quality Digital Agency

When the quarantines and lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic began around the world, consumers quickly adapted to an almost complete online business model out of a sense of self-preservation. Brands that had been operating digitally for a while before the pandemic suddenly found themselves leading their industry over competitors who were slower in seeing the value of partnering with a digital agency and setting up an online business.

It was a dramatic illustration of the value of having flexibility in your marketing efforts that companies worldwide have been scrambling to rectify for some time.

But some companies still question the value of partnering with an agency that simply performs marketing services when your brand has its own marketing department.

Complexities of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing takes both technical coding and marketing skills to perform correctly. And the marketing side of the equation takes its own experience and knowledge to make use full of the capabilities provided by the wealth of data on the internet.

For ad platforms, you’ll most likely be offered a range of options that will allow you to focus on your target markets. If you’re new to the industry and trying to walk before you run, you’ll probably want to focus on a regional market, which you can access through Google Ads or any number of social media platforms.

An experienced digital agency has reams of data providing you with relevant information about your industry, your type of products, your target markets, and your competitors. They can create a targeted marketing strategy out of this data and any other input you may have. Your brand is an active partner in the partnership, and any contribution you can make is welcome.

Performing the Heavy Lifting

The agency is also the one that will take on the brunt of the physical tasks associated with putting the marketing strategy in motion. Once you’ve signed off on the strategy, they will first perform an audit on your brand’s website to ensure it’s completely operational and robust enough to handle all the traffic expected of it. They will fix and upgrade any areas that aren’t up to snuff.

They will then launch a content marketing campaign to refresh the written content on your site and seed it with keywords that will attract users looking for your type of products and services.

They will design and place ads on multiple ad platforms, monitor those campaigns, and adjust ones that aren’t performing as well as others. And they will prepare regular reports informing you on the progress of the strategy.

Through all this, they will also launch a link-building campaign and continue to optimise your site in response to the rises and falls of your Google rankings.

Now that we’ve explained the value of partnering with an experienced digital agency, why not see what it’s like for yourself. Contact Primal to schedule a consultation where we can explain all that we can offer.

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