The Top Salesforce Community Cloud use cases

Community cloud salesforce is a platform that offers tools for simplifying your business operations. You will be able to choose the functions you need and create an adapted environment for employees and partners. Advanced solutions are perfect for communicating within the network, performing business tasks, and running sale processes.

Using community cloud services

By using the service, you will be able to: 

  • offer excellent service to your customers;
  • reduce your employees load;
  • simplify cooperation with partners. 
 community cloud
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Certified Salesforce Partner communities make it possible for you to automate all the routine tasks. At the same time, the customer support service will perform more important business processes. The community cloud services have the following functions.Titan Surveys is an app for survey integrated with salesforce with easy to use features.

AC Knowledge Management

The tool is aimed at creating a knowledge base. It makes it possible for customers to use a filtering system to search for information. Articles can be sorted by topic and category, making it much easier to train new users.

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AC Events Enterprise

Do you need to create an online or offline event? Use this tool to simplify the event management. Users will be able to book tickets and study the schedule of forthcoming events, and you will be able to monitor the automated process in the salesforce event app

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AC E-commerce

Not to waste time on creating a new online store website, choose this function. A few clicks are all you need to organize a secure payment system, be able to track and process orders easily. Customers will feel convenient when working with the service without making multiple clicks on links searching for the product they need.

 community cloud

AC Ideas Enterprise

Customers who develop new business ideas often lack the knowledge on how to share them. By using this tool, everyone will be able to demonstrate their developments. Users will be interested to use the system and get the feedback from other clients.

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AC Rapid Cases

Sometimes, problems that arise when performing any tasks are difficult to describe. Not to waste time drafting a long text with a step-by-step explanation of the faced difficulties, you can just make a screenshot. The application will offer the optimal solution, which will enable the client to continue working with the system.

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Configuring community cloud salesforce for business

By choosing the right business solutions, you will be able to simplify communication with customers. All you need is to configure the reference toolkit and add a sufficient amount of training information. The knowledge base will help you to minimize contacts with the customer support service representatives. Each client will study the reference materials by oneself.

You will be able to optimize your business by using various operational tools Community Cloud. From now on, it will become much easier to perform transactions, organize events, and communicate with customers – the service offers the best options for every business owner. Now you know, what is salesforce community cloud and how to use its tools for your purposes.

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