The Taj Residencia Development Updates 2021

The community introduced the developer. At this time, they have achieved several of the construction’s key goals. The Taj Residencia is progressing at a rapid rate. The proprietors of Taj Residencia Islamabad declared ownership of 10,000 Kanal of RDA-approved land. They might even buy more land shortly.


Approximately four units out of 11 are now in the construction stage. A, B, C, and D are the names of the constructed blocks. People are expected to begin residing in the completed blocks in under a year. Blocks A, B, C, and D are the developed blocks, accordingly. Within the first year, the landowners should be able to take control of their plots. Taj Residencia’s management is quickening the pace of progress to complete the project on schedule. In fact, before the community’s initial announcement, a series of model dwellings were constructed. The organization wishes to accelerate the project development as quickly as feasible to provide a positive example for existing and prospective project investors.

At this residential area in Islamabad, the Sardar Group of Companies have made land cuttings in various sizes. The properties for sale at Taj Residencia are measured in Marla and Kanal and their alternatives.

5 Marla (25 x 50)

8 Marla (30 x 60)

10 Marla (35 x 70)

14 Marla (40 x 80)

1 Kanal (50 x 90)

2 Kanal (75 x 120)

The lodging organization has initiated a new 3.5 Marla size.

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The A, B, C, & D blocks are rapidly being developed. People are constructing homes and settling in. The project began with only one phase, which consisted of approximately 11 blocks, but it is now concentrating on Phase 2’s allocated territory.


The developers have finished the flooring of the central boulevard and the streets. The pipes also have been placed underground. Finally, they’ve covered them in concrete and asphalt, which are both excellent road-building materials.

Jamia Mosque

The Jamia Mosque’s development is now complete. It is among the housing scheme’s several mosques. The designers understand that the structural concept, material selection, and functional and aesthetic applications all play a role in establishing what it conveys. As a result, they constructed the mosque utilizing a multi-step process that used standard materials, skilled labor, innovative ideas, and economic or geographical factors.


Planting trees is one of the most pleasurable and ecologically friendly actions to help the planet. As a result, Taj Residencia places a high value on maintaining a safe and clean atmosphere. As an outcome, a large number of tropical trees and plants have already been established.

Why Should You Invest in Taj?

  • Residence de Luxe:

Taj Residencia has the exquisite mansions of your dreams and whatever you desire. The ideal villa’s attractive and stylish arrangement, as well as grounds, will complement your existence. Your entire life is leading up to a certain point when you can be connected with a wonderful address, and Taj will provide you with the possibility.

  • Possession following a down payment:

Plots are available for immediate possession following the deposit! As a result, you can begin development as quickly as feasible and settle into your home. The freedom to plan whatever in your home is incredible, and you will not be disappointed. As a result, the Taj Residencia Payment Plan is among the most attractive investment options.

  • Construction Plan and Organized Map:

The state-of-the-art community has been smartly planned. You’ll be able to look for anything vital to you, keeping your lifestyle healthy and simple—Healthcare, parks, educational establishments, colleges, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other places. According to Taj Residencia Reviews, people are eager to buy properties where such situations are actively organized, making lives condensed and easier.

  • Hospital and Airport Proximity:

Accordingly, all-important facilities needed in an urgent situation, such as a health center or an airport terminal for exits and arrivals, are within 5 and 10 minutes of the residential project.

  • Continuous Supply of Utilities

All key utilities, such as water, power, gas, and other supplies, are operational with no major outages. Residents would enjoy the privacy of living in a remote location with all of life’s conveniences.

  • Opportunities for Expansion

The project began with Phase 1, but the community has now progressed to Phase 2, for which property has previously been aside. As a result, you have additional possibilities for finding the areas you require. The neighborhood is expected to continue to develop, providing better chances in the future. The slower rate of progress can sometimes be a detriment to Taj Residencia Reviews.

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