The process of copyright registration in the UAE

Copyright is the legal right of the owner’s intellectual property that gives the owner the exclusive right to make copies of its masterpiece for a limited period. Copyright registration is the process of registering the copyright on your masterpiece to avail copyright protection. 

Under copyright protection, the work of individuals or groups is protected if they have successfully registered the copyright for their work. There are numerous benefits to registering a copyright for your work. 

  • Registration makes it easy for you to prove your legal case. 
  • Copyright registration is beneficial for both the general public as well as for the copyright system as it creates a public record of claims to ownership and authorship so that people can easily get in touch with the copyright owner if they wish to use or inherit their work in future. 

Now, as we know the importance of copyright registration let us understand the general process of copyright registration. 

  • Begin the process of copyright registration by applying to the copyright office. 
  • Registration can be done through online as well as offline mode but registering online is beneficial as it offers pretty handsome benefits like lower filing fees, faster processing, e-payment, doing the registration remotely. 
  • The application form, filing fee, and other requirements may vary depending on the type of work you wish to register a copyright for. 

Let us know about the copyright registration in UAE. The copyright registration in UAE is solely done through the UAE ministry of economics. The following intellectual works are protected under copyright laws in UAE: 

  • Literature 
  • Computer software and applications 
  • Audio and video works 
  • works of fine art 
  • Charts, maps, plans, 3-D modeling for geographical and topographical applications and architectural designs, etc. 
  • Plays, music 
  • Online content 
  • Design 

The registration process in UAE can be sum up into three steps which are: 

  • Fill out the application form. The application form can be filled through the website of the ministry of UAE to register your intellectual work. 
  • Pay the copyright registration fee in UAE. 
  • Wait for the ministry of economics to get back to you. 

Though the process seems easy and simple but considers to take guidance or consultation from someone who is already working in this field. 

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