The hypocrisy of the gaming community. Compare GTA: San Andreas and Cyberpunk 2077

Who would ever come up with the idea of ​​comparing Cyberpunk 2077 to the GTA series? After all, it is quite obvious that these are projects of different levels. Rockstar Games completely and completely shapes the interests of the mass audience, and the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 (destructive wave 5e spell  and many others) are just trying to get into them. But it’s not that simple.

This article is about a serious comparison between Cyberpunk 2077 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You can safely argue that this is sheer stupidity. And you will be right. After all, there are as many as 16 years of difference between the games. However, the desire to make a sensation from scratch, provoke people into angry comments and gain as many views as possible does not motivate the author of this article. It’s all about hypocrisy. And it is about the hypocritical community that we will now be talking about.

Stylistic abyss

If you weren’t born yesterday, then you know that cool graphics are far from a guarantee of * good visual *. At the forefront, the most important place is always occupied by artists and designers. They are the ones who do * that very magic *. The beach is bathed in the setting sun. Lonely lights running down a highway or a rugged working-class neighborhood on the outskirts of a city. All this is done by * people *, not video cards and processors.

I think all sane people understand that graphically there is an abyss between these games. And San Andreas slid to the bottom of this very abyss every year. The years take their toll.

But how can this be? Why doesn’t a miracle happen? Does Cyberpunk 2077 look better than the cult game from the decade before last? In fact, nothing surprising. Eldritch Blast 5e : San Andreas was made at the end of the PS2 generation and the first Xbox, and even at the time of release it was already a specific past gene. Does this have anything to do with the failure of Cyberpunk 2077? Of course it does.

Revelation # 1. Who is more RPG?

Now we are going to quarrel with you. Of course, San Andreas, in contrast to the Polish bestseller, has many interesting possibilities. Visit a hairdresser and get a tattoo. Tuning cars and placing bets. Play billiards, poker or basketball. Draw graffiti and gorge yourself in the dining room. It is also possible to “hang out” with members of the native gang. The player can bring the main character to the rocking chair. And after completing the exercises, he will see a pleasant result – the hero will become an athlete!

However, with a * true * understanding of the RPG genre, Rockstar Games is clearly in trouble. For example, the game does not offer to clear monotonous locations with constantly reviving enemies. Prevents useless dialogue choices. He does not throw hundreds of question marks on the map and does not even feed him with a plot that is poorly written, but pulls the blanket of attention.

In this regard, the same Fallout 4, as an absolute standard of role-playing adventure, will easily smear any creation of Rockstar Games on the wall. GTA fans – just face it.

Revelation # 2. Bugs

There are technical problems in absolutely all games. However, San Andreas calls these problems “funny” for some reason. Characters funnily fall under textures, comically fly away from explosions and get stuck in other objects.

And whoever says that bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 are annoying and interfere with playing – let the first one throw carbon fiber at me. If you like the glitches and funny situations that the Firebolt 5e game engine generates – be so kind and love the quest hangs and crashes that Cyberpunk developers’ crooked hands generate. Otherwise, it turns out somehow hypocritical. Can’t you find it?

Here is where to start an in-depth analysis of versions for consoles, but, unfortunately, at the moment I do not have such an opportunity. First, I only play on PC. And secondly, the old lady’s version of Cyberpunk 2077, gathering dust in my closet, is BANANCED due to fraud on the part of the publisher and the same curvature of the developers. I don’t have a PS2 version of San Adnreas.

Once again, I apologize. I am genuinely unhappy with someone playing on any other device other than a PC, and I do my best to poke their noses into obvious problems. But I can not. Circumstances are sometimes stronger than us, as they say. 

Revelation # 3. Game process

There is nothing to say here. San Andreas tries his best to be like Cyberpunk in every way, but again loses. Shooting in a color crime game is more realistic, I admit. But it still does not stand up to criticism. Machine control – yes – better, but there is non-linearity in Cyberpunk. More than 60 endings depending on biography, passing style and choice of lines. Didn’t you know? So be ashamed now. Unless the stealth mode is implemented in both games in the same way. Well, well done, Rockstar! Have achieved at least something.

Weak gameplay and broken crutches. A pumping curve and a cardboard open world that does not react in any way to the player’s actions. Thousands of bugs and boring plot. That’s how it should be! Learn British!

Revelation # 4. True

To say that Cyberpunk 2077 looks bad graphically would be a compliment. Don’t explode and think with your head. Here are screenshots from the third mafia, the second tracking dogs or the hitman remake. It seems that the same team is engaged in all these projects.

I’m not making up anything, see for yourself. Soap picture, brown color palette. And Cyberpunk has it too. But besides that, there is something more terrifying. Loss of identity. Due to good lighting in some places, the game looks good. It’s not just that 70% of the rooms are filled with pleasant neon light. But when it comes to empty corridors and open spaces, everything is bad. 

Let’s forget about the schedule. Don’t lie that you don’t like to chase crazy cops in open world games. Everyone is doing this, and for good reason. Such deadly races are not prescribed in advance and can throw a lot of unexpected situations for the player. But the world must be immersive enough for this. Law enforcement officers should not suddenly appear behind the player’s back. Instead, they should have a * real * purpose in arresting / eliminating the perpetrator, and not at all to create the appearance of vigorous activity. Do you see what I’m getting at?

San Andreas has more options. Wider customization and more vehicles. The technique is varied and has many situations to apply. The characters do not start the same dialogue for the 2000th time when you walk by. Instead, they react, for example, to your attack, rather than just running away in panic. In the game, you can buy real estate and businesses. The assignments are challenging and memorable. San Andreas has real freedom of action. And Cyberpunk is gum. Delicious? Maybe. But terribly annoying. 


But seriously, I’m in complete shock. People have the right to play whatever they want. The incitement of hatred among the players, the ridiculous confrontation of brands and the mass of negativity – this is the very fly in the ointment that turns the “Game of Thrones S08E03 Torrent” into an accumulation of a herd that does not respect anyone. Think about it finally! Degenerate headlines and previews are fun. There will always be a demand for this, and everyone attracts attention as he wants.

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