The Difference Between An Electronic And Physical Signature

Using free online signature programs such as CocoSign, now you can sign multiple packages of documents electronically. Electronic signature programs make penning multiple signatures an easy-to-do feat. Instead of writing each signature separately, you simply make one, simultaneously, and have the document scanned and printed. They’re also time-saving because they help you save valuable time that would’ve otherwise been spent for scanning and printing signed papers manually. Thus, they make business more productive by saving their precious time.

Most business owners, professionals included, are quite concerned about security issues nowadays. For this reason, they go to great lengths to protect sensitive and highly classified information. For people who don’t have the time or patience to do so, signing electronically is the next best thing. However, the whole process needs to be controlled and tracked closely in order to prevent fraud. With online signature programs, this is now done automatically. You can use digital signatures on PDF documents. You need to edit pdfs online and sign these PDF files easily by using digital signature software.

Digital Signatures

Signatures, also known as digital signatures, are used when you make electronic transactions with other people and when you submit documents online. A digital signature is created with the help of a private key, usually stored on the user’s computer. The idea behind online signature is to add security features to a document, thereby assuring that the document cannot be changed, tampered with, or altered in any way. Thus, if you want to legally bind a piece of paper, you need to have a valid and signed copy printed on the printer for everyone to see.

In traditional document signing, the person who signs the document is called the signor. An individual who signs another person’s copy of a document is called a signee. The typical format used in electronic signature is one person signatures one document. Electronic signatures, however, can also use different styles, including enclosed initials, enclosed signatures, and multilayer signatures.

Transfer the Signatures

Another important feature of electronic signatures is the ability to transfer the signatures of two or more people to a remote server. Since the document is stored online, all signatures can be checked. Thus, this added security feature makes online signing a better choice when sending a large number of documents to multiple people.

You may also choose a form of electronic signing known as the ‘hard’ form. In this type of signing, a document is scanned into a digital format, with the intention that it will be signed digitally when received by the recipient. Since not all computers support this type of signing, a ‘hard’ form of online signing is actually a form of ‘virtual signing’. This means that when a document is scanned into a digital format, it does not already contain an embedded signature, so the document cannot be legally binding.

Devices Friendly

Once a user prints his or her own key, he or she is then required to store it somewhere. Most commonly, this is done in a secret place where no one can see the key. Many electronic devices come with a storage facility where the owner can store their own key. In some cases, a PDA or Smart Phone does not come with its own electronic signature storage facility. Therefore, it is necessary for the owner to purchase an appropriate key storage device. Once the key has been stored in a secure location, the user needs to activate the facility in order to gain access to the stored key.

Easy to Use

If the owner finds that his or her stored key has been lost or misplaced, they can easily retrieve their personal key by consulting their online electronic account manager. Most reputable online stores use secure channel encryption to protect the stored information. Once a user accesses their online account manager, they will be able to enter their recovery code to access their lost personal signature. From that point on, any additional keys that the user purchases can be used exactly where they were originally purchased. This process protects the financial security of the user and ensures that their personal information is stored in a safe and reliable online environment.

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