The Advantages of Backing Up your Smartphone

Backing up your smartphone allows you to recover data even if your phone is lost or broken. But not only. Backup also allows you to free up memory space

Smartphones are not just devices that allow us to keep in touch with our family, friends and co-workers. They have such advanced features that in many cases we use them instead of the computer: you can write text files, read documents, take pictures, record videos, edit photos and access social profiles.

These are only a small part of the many things that can be done with a smartphone. As it is easy to guess, smartphones have become irreplaceable devices in our life and are a real gold mine of information. On the smartphone we save practically everything: our personal data (name, surname, age, address), the credentials to access e-mail, social networks and even the online current account.

But also work documents and pictures of our family and friends. This is very important information, which if it were to be lost would create damage that is difficult to quantify. For this reason, it is necessary to make a backup of your smartphone (Android or iOS makes no difference).

For the uninitiated, with the backup of smartphone data you can save all the information on the device on external memory space. The smartphone can be backed up both online, using cloud storage services, and offline, through USB sticks or external hard drives.

There are few people who constantly backup their iPhone or Android smartphone, not thinking about the “dangers” that are experienced every day. A thief could steal your cell phone and we would lose all the data inside. We could lose the smartphone on the street and never find it again. Another danger also comes from ransomware, viruses that block access to devise data and ask for a ransom in Bitcoin to remove the limitation.

There are many advantages of having the backup of the Android smartphone or the iPhone, the problem is that in most cases users are not aware of it.

One of the best ways to backup data is via USB. InfinitiKloud Wireless is one such device that lets you reliably and securely backup important data. This Infinitkloud Wireless review will tell you more about this useful device.

The best defense against ransomware

The ransom viruses, after having targeted computers, have now come to attack smartphones as well. The ransomware is a subtle and very dangerous virus: blocking access to all data on the memory of the phone and ask for a ransom, usually in Bitcoin, to remove the limitation.

If you don’t want to fall into the blackmail of hackers and finance their illegal activity (the money you earn is reused to develop new even more powerful malware) you need to have a backup of your smartphone.

This will allow you to hard reset your device (erasing all data, including the ransomware) without fear of losing important information. When we turn on the smartphone, we will download the backup (if we did it online, otherwise just move the files from the external hard drive to the mobile phone memory) and we will have all our data available, including photos and videos.

If we lose the smartphone

It can happen by distraction that you lose your smartphone: it falls out of your pocket or bag and we don’t notice it. The real problem with the loss of the mobile phone is not the device itself, but the loss of all sensitive data inside. Due to a moment of distraction, we lose years of images taken and recorded videos. Unless you have the backup of your Android smartphone or iPhone.

In this case the only loss is the physical loss of the device. Which, however, can be bought back in any store and thanks to the backup we will get all our data back.

If our smartphone is stolen from us

The speech made above is valid even if the smartphone is stolen from us. If we have a backup of the data, we will only have lost the device and not all the documents, photos and images inside. By purchasing a new device, it will be possible to get all the data back by downloading the backup.

If we delete documents by mistake

One of the advantages of having the backup updated with all the data on your smartphone is that you shouldn’t be afraid of accidentally deleting documents or images on the device. For example, if we delete the photos of our child’s birthday, thanks to the backup we will be able to recover them in a few seconds.

Free up space on your smartphone

If our mobile phone has limited storage space (16GB or 32GB), we will soon be forced to jump through hoops to be able to install new applications or take photos. By saving some very large documents on the cloud and making the backup, it will be possible to delete them from the smartphone memory without any problem. In case we need them in the future, we will still have them available on the “cloud”.

If the smartphone breaks

The smartphone falls to the ground and breaks the screen. The battery dies suddenly and the phone no longer turns on. It can happen that you have to deal with this type of problem. All solvable by sending the device for assistance. But what to do with the data inside?

Is it possible to recover them? Only if we have backed up the smartphone. Even in such cases, the backup is of fundamental importance: we can send the device for assistance without being afraid of losing important data.


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