Technology and parenting: How Helping children navigate the online world

Parents have had an opportunity to hand over their mobile phones to their children to explain what a hashtag is or show them how to perform a specific procedure. Today children and teenagers are technology savvy than their previous generations, and more are learning on their own how to use smartphones, tablets, and iPads before joining preschool. Whereas technology offers many benefits to children like access to global information at the palm of their hands, however, there is a myriad of things to consider to help children navigate the evolving digital world. Traversing the online world can be unsettling, intimidating, and leave parents helpless. However, parents as adults are in a position to help children to be smart and stay safe. Simultaneously, they are online for all ages and make sure they grow up and develop engaging positively with technologies that will shape their future generations. You can also find more content concerning this topic on Write My Essay Today.

Advantages and risks to children that technologies pose

A study examined 2,000 parents with children between 3 to 18 years to learn how they utilize technology to help in their parenting. From the survey, 76% of the surveyed parents depend on smart gadgets such as video doorbells and security cameras to monitor their children. However, it was not surprising that most parents admitted that protecting their kid’s safety while they are online was and is a top priority to them. Another 83% of the parents accept that they should keep an eye on their kids, mainly online. More than 50% of the parents said they utilize parental controls to restrict or keep an eye on their children’s social media and internet browsing. Again, from the study, 60% of the parents said they regularly check the browsing history of their children’s computers or phones. From the survey, most parents surveyed accepted that the use of technology, especially being online, comes with certain risks to children. Still, technology is a valuable resource because it enables parents to get involved in tracking their kid’s actions and the people they hang with while they are online. Keeping track of current social media platforms, apps, and apps can be an uphill task and confusing to parents.

Protecting your children while they are online

  1. Keep tablets and computers in public and open space. It is easy to monitor your children’s online activities while in the kitchen than when they are in the bedroom while the door is closed. As a parent or guardian, make a public charging area in the house, whereas a family charge all electronic gadgets overnight.
  2. Author and online behavior agreement. Draft concise and clear rules with the consequences agreeable to everyone. Ensure that your children get to comprehend your expectations regardless of whether they are utilizing video games, laptops, or phones. Also you can take the help of some Digital marketing Course to making your children more cleaver in this technology world.
  3. Begin with basics. Teach your children the basics of ways to safeguard themselves without restricting their fun. Begin with easy and simple changes such as not turning on location sharing, having strong passwords, and switch off smartphone or computer cameras when not in use.
  4. Be your children’s friend online. Never generate a bogus social media account to monitor your child when they are online. Instead, be their friend and promise not to access their account. If you allow your children to use social media platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram, let them know that you will not access their accounts.
  5. Asks questions, and do not be afraid. Listen, educate, and talk. Know the apps and devices your children are using, and be careful about your digital behavior. Do not use your mobile phone when you are taking meals, not unless you want your family members to follow suit.

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