Tech Job Trends for 2022

What’s the top industry and sector to search for a new career in? Let’s investigate.

Wondering where to retrain to give yourself the best chance of scoring those big reward job titles? Look no further. We have all the top tips on what industries and sectors are hot in 2022, and which ones are not.

The last few years have been hard on all of us, but particularly so for those that lost jobs or whose careers are no longer viable. We are still astonished by how quickly things changed. Nevertheless, we can only keep moving forward. To keep moving, we might need to step back and re-evaluate. Here are the best job categories to be looking at as you make your first steps in a new career.

Tech Jobs to Search for in 2022

What’s going to be popular this year in the job market? Let’s find out…

1 – Cloud Computing Roles

Cloud computing has been making a steady impact for the last few years. The more we rely on offsite storage and remote working to get us through subsequent waves of the virus, the more Cloud Jobs are going to gain traction. Cloud jobs cover everything from engineering to architect, web designer to server maintenance. If it can be done remotely, it’s probably doing it through the Cloud.

2 – Healthcare Technology

This area of industry is always looking for new life to help it deliver. Especially now, in the wake of a pandemic disaster, we need improved tech in the healthcare industry. We need new ways of administering drugs, of monitoring patients, and of providing comfort throughout their care. To do all these things, we need modern technology. Those looking for tech career’s with a difference, where they can truly make a difference in the world, should look towards this sector. 

3 – Information Technology

IT is still tipped by Forbes to be one of the biggest growth fields of the coming year. With more of us working away from the office, this increases, rather than decreases, demand for technicians. Technicians need to be able to work from a distance, even when rolling out new software systems on home computers for other employees. This is a tough job, but someone must do it. Better yet, the larger the number of IT skills you acquire, the larger the potential paycheque.

4 – Entry Level Tech

There are plenty of entry level tech jobs that you can choose from if you are completely new to the sector. Fresh out of a short college based computing course, you could become a base level software developer. You might offer desktop support, become a virtual assistant, or online admin for things like spreadsheets and databases. Entry level IT covers everything from maintaining the company website to performing admin tasks for the Cloud storage systems. Whichever area you end up in, there is always room for advancement down the line.

Our Advice?

Start gathering those tech skills. The more you have, the bigger the potential to make money.

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