Team Building Activities for Boosting Engagement in 2022

Even if your employees are happy and satisfied, it never hurts to build an even stronger and more admirable team spirit. A great team is a good foundation for achieving excellent results as a company. Several activities can help you build a stronger team that can work together more efficiently and allow employees to thrive as a group.

Those who practice team building and actively participate in exercises and activities to strengthen the team, get significant benefits. Trust and openness in the office increase, communication between employees improves, and employees gain a better understanding of one another. In addition, by continuously working to strengthen team spirit, a sense of community is created in the office. This, in turn, can attract and retain top talent.

Team-building activities that are well-planned create a level of engagement among participants that helps to strengthen certain skills, both as a group and as individuals. It all comes down to choosing activities that are entertaining while also being useful and informative.

In this post, we offer a list of team-building activities that you can implement at your workplace to help your team grow stronger in 2022.  

Improv Games

When looking for entertaining team-building activities, find one that has a high fun factor but also includes a meaningful and challenging task to boost engagement.

For example, consider organizing great improv games for your remote team, as it is the perfect place to start because, according to SnackNation, it promotes a happier and healthier company culture. This can be thought of as the foundation of a wide range of virtual games because it helps to support a cohesive remote working team and allows everyone to learn more about one another in the end.

Improvisational theater, on the other hand, is a game that emphasizes humor, playfulness, and joy for your in-house team. Every performance is unique and everything is created at the moment without a script.

Improvisational theater places great demands on both richness of ideas, spontaneity, and the ability to collaborate. It’s a fascinating form of entertainment that can develop both joy, spontaneity, and courage among team members.

A Knot of Hands

This activity is very short and practical when you want to gather your team and make them relax. The preparations are very simple – the participants stand in a circle so that they can see each other.

Ask every participant to grab the hand of someone who is facing them. When everyone has done this, have them grab another participant’s hand with their other hand. Now challenge them to disentangle without anyone letting go.

This is a surprisingly difficult challenge that requires organization, exceptional communication skills, and good leadership of the participants while forcing everyone involved to participate actively. It also gives the participants something to talk about in the coming days.

Negative to Positive

This activity requires little preparation and takes a more reflective approach to development. Negative to Positive is about seeing the positives and the thoughts that arise in situations that we would otherwise experience negatively. 

When carrying out the activity, the participants should be paired with someone with whom they’ve had a work-related experience – a previous project, a task, or an activity. Then one person from the pair should mention something negative about the joint experience and the partner should emphasize the positive. Afterward, the pair switches roles.

This task is usually carried out with large groups who share many different experiences as it helps the group members get to know each other better while encouraging positive thinking.

Group activities

The goal of team-building activities is to develop and strengthen the company. If you do this once or twice a year, the prospects for creating an engaging work environment look great. But there are, of course, other ways to develop your team and build relationships.

  • Having lunch together – Having lunch together opens up other topics of conversation aside from work-related talks. This means that you can get closer to your colleagues in a more casual way.
  • Activities outside the workplace – Spending time with coworkers outside of working hours is also useful. You can participate in some type of sport/training together as it helps to increase the ability to cooperate and the sense of community in the group.
  • Workshops – Workshops are perfect if you want to learn new things while you want to have a nice evening with your colleagues. Being able to combine benefit with pleasure is excellent.

In Closing

Team-building activities are excellent tools for encouraging socialization, collaborating toward a common goal, and boosting engagement. The end goal of team building is to make employees feel more secure with each other, increase their motivation and productivity, and build mutual trust and respect.


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