Streamline your business processes with Microsoft Power Automate

Organizations must improve day-to-day operations to stay competitive in the challenging business landscape. If your business is operating in highly competitive business geographies like UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA or anywhere in MENA region, it is inevitable to rely on an advanced technology to overcome the challenges and acquire operational efficiency.One way to improve efficiency at every stage is to transform business processes into intelligent automation. Automation solutions helps to cut out routine, and labor-intensive jobs, and it isan intelligent approach in reducing operational costs and streamlining business processes.

Automate business processes with Microsoft Power Automate

You can automate business processes with Microsoft Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Automate is a powerful solution which enables every user to create automated processes with the aim of enhancing productivity and business efficiency. Users can easily automate processes with flows in power automate. Power automate contains pre-built connectors and easy to use drag and drop tools. This helps in automating repetitive and mundane tasks thus saving time and resources.

Besides automating business processes, you can send automatic reminders for any previous due tasks, migrate business data, connect to various data sources, and automate tasks in Excel. Power Automate is useful across industries including banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and other domains.

Microsoft Power AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities

Process Advisor

Microsoft Power Automate which is powered with a comprehensive intelligent automation solution covers a range of your automation needs. Process advisor capability in Power Automate analyzes business processes and provide step-by-step guidance for creating workflows and insights about how people work. Process advisor provides insights into the areas that need automating across your business.

You can identify processes that slow your business and need to be automated with Power Automate. All you can do through an intuitive interface. Identify and streamline new opportunities, gain insights and recommendations and more with smart automation. Use these insights and recommendations to automate your processes based on what you have learned.

AI Builder

AI Builder capability in Power Automate enables you to bring intelligent automation to your business processes. You can add AI (Artificial Intelligence) to your workflows without writing code. You can easily pull-out data from documents using AI builder capability. The intelligent document automation optimizes the processing of documents helping you save from performing repetitive and error prone tasks. Increase efficiency by simplifying tasks using Power Automate – all you can do via a user-friendly interface.

Focus on your work by automating manual processesthat take too much time to complete with AI builder and RPA (Robotic process automation) capabilities in Microsoft Power Automate.


Here are the key advantages of business process automation

Enhanced Productivity: Power Automate can create efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. In the automation, no intervention is needed. The task in process will progress to the next automatically. Automation completes the tasks with zero errors and repetition. By reducing the time, employees can focus on other tasks that matter to your business, improving productivity.

Reduced costs:                 Manually doing processes may include a significant wastage of resources. With automation of processes your business can reduce operational costs and save time. Resources will be utilized in the best way and wastage will be drastically reduced. Automation helps you efficiently utilize time and this helps you improve output without increasing the workforce.

Customer Service: Automation helps you deliver superior experiences to your customers. Automation allows your customer service teams to resolve customer’s issues in quick time helping to meet their expectations and boost satisfaction. It helps meet your customer’s service level agreements (SLA’s) consistently.

Enhance employee morale: A significant advantage of automation is that it improves employee confidence. It provides a hassle-free environment to get their work done efficiently. As the routine processes are automated, employees get time to improve on their work and can deliver better services to customers. As a result of transparency in the process and quick services, employees would get the admiration they deserve from their managers.

Optimize and streamline automation workflows with Microsoft Gold Partners

Microsoft Power Automate is an ideal solution to automate repetitive tasks, improve productivity, and promote business growth. Many industry leadershave implementedPower Automate to accelerate process efficiencies and ROI (Return of Investment) – simplifying business processes and helping to make better financial decisions.

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