Stock Chart Analysis in The Era of Apps

Stock Market: Surfing the wave of Information Technology

We are living in a world of Information Technology. From booking cabs to ordering food: information technology is driving almost every industry today. Apps have taken over the world, offering everything from basic services to the ones that serve the niche markets. Companies are battling it out to have the edge over others, just to have that one tap from the targeted audience.

Stock Markets have also seen a makeover. With the latest technology and applications, Stock Markets are seeing an array of retail traders and investors flocking to the market, hoping to make it big. With all the latest technology, market research has been highly automated. Stock Market apps are offering not a platform to invest and trade, but also analytics regarding the current market scenario.

The Indian market has seen a hike in Stock Market enthusiasm among retail investors and traders, especially during the times of Covid. In comparison to prior periods, advertisements on Stock Market apps are more widespread, and individuals are more sensitive.

StockEdge: Bringing the Edge in Stock Market Analytics

StockEdge has been at the forefront of Stock Market Analytics. Since 2018, this application aims to empower Stock Market enthusiasts with up-to-date stock market information. Due to its varied features that cater to the demands of both investors and traders, StockEdge has become a hit. Up-to-date information and ease of access are some of the Unique Selling Points which have made StockEdge the best Technical Analysis app for the Indian Stock Market. 

Here are some of the distinctive features that make StockEdge the leading Stock Technical Analysis App it is today:

  • News and Updates: With on-time latest updates about the Indian Stock Market, this app also acts ask a source of updated stock market news. Instead of glancing through pages of newspapers, StockEdge allows users to get up-to-date information about the world of Stocks. Being an investor/trader, every news matters as 5 minutes can make a huge difference in the price of stocks.
  • FII/DII Activity: StockEdge has been designed to provide a holistic view of the Foreign and Domestic Institutional Investors and their demand and supply. The feature covers everything from Futures, Options, and Derivatives. 
  • Indices: Investors and Traders can glance through the Benchmark Indices and their performances. From Nifty50, NiftyBank, India VIX to the latest 
  • Deals: For Intraday Traders, bulk deals are crucial as they can significantly swing Stock Prices in a matter of minutes. StockEdge provides the option of exploring all the recent deals by Institutional Investors! 
  • Sectors: Which sectors will go down and which ones will emerge as leaders? StockEdge has eased the process of providing a comprehensive picture of Sectors, gainers and losers, news, and updates in each sector. 
  • Stocks: Search for your favorite stock on StockEdge and get the historical performance, shareholding, deliveries, Technical and Fundamental Analysis of the same.
  • IPO: StockEdge can track all the ongoing and upcoming IPOs to ensure that the investors never miss out on investment opportunities!
  • Investors: Institutional Investors have the power to influence stock market prices. Investors can track the latest deals by active investors and enhance their Fundamental Analysis! 

StockEdge: Stock Market Analytics, Redefined!

StockEdge includes several premium features that might be beneficial to any trader: It doesn’t matter if it’s swing, positional, or intraday trading. Even Investors can take advantage of the Analytics section to filter out stocks that would create wealth and build a strong portfolio for the future. Here are some of the features available under the Analytics Section:

  • Scans: StockEdge was designed to provide traders with instant updates on stock prices. This includes Price scans to filter out stocks that are nearing key levels. The scans have been broadly divided across various Sections and time horizons. Under Price Scans, traders can filter out stocks based on breakouts on daily, monthly, and even yearly time frames. Traders can also filter out stocks that are outperforming Benchmark Indexes on various time frames. The App has scans for Futures and Options Trading, which includes Open Interest, Long and Short Position Scans. 
  • Investment Themes: Investors often look for different themes across various sectors to build a portfolio. StockEdge provides an array of investment themes, with topics like Natural Gas, MOATS, Emerging Business Models, etc. 
  • Investor Portfolios: Investors often look up to eminent Market Gurus for inspiration. StockEdge provides exclusive insights into the portfolios of investors like R.K Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna, Vijay Kedia, and more. The insights include recent deals, key shareholdings, and Quarterly Analysis of their portfolios.
  • Business Houses: Investors can get in-depth of Family Business Houses and famous business institutions. This includes their shareholdings, gainers and losers, recent deals, latest news updates!
  • Strategies: Based on Bullish and Bearish markets, StockEdge offers readymade strategies, which use an array of stock market scans along with some strategies based on timing the market. The Strategies can be studied in-depth by the traders. These ideas help traders generate ideas as to how to use Technical indicators like Relative Strength IndexI, Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Averages to formulate strategies.
  • Edge Reports: Includes analysis of specific companies, their quarterly earnings, IPO notes, and more.
  • Investment Ideas: StockEdge boasts of a dedicated Research Team, which analyses the market and comes up with stocks that are nearing the key levels. Based on those, Investment Ideas has a list of stocks. It provides a holistic view of stocks based on growth, profitability, efficiency, valuation so that investors can infer how the company is performing and its chance for growth in the future.
  • Company Filings: Includes Mergers, Acquisitions, Annual General Meetings, Buybacks, Split shares, and other important information for companies, which might affect their stock market prices.

In the world of automation, StockEdge has taken a gargantuan step towards providing advanced Stock Market Analytics to Investors and Traders. As time remains to be one of the factors creating a barrier for many Stock Market enthusiasts, StockEdge provides all the necessary data with a few clicks, making the process of investing and trading easier than ever.


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