Ever since humans began trying to stay in contact, there has been no stopping communication technology. The telephone was the beginning; with the all-in-one mobile phones today, having an integrated communication system is necessary. When it comes to commercial establishments, an integrated phone system’s capabilities become more significant. People within an organisation or commercial establishment should be able to communicate effectively, efficiently and securely. The office phone today does much more than its predecessor. Several companies offering phone systems provide a host of features for organisations to consider.


Phone systems for organisations and commercial establishments offer a few more features than regular landlines.

Cloud-based VOIPs

Cloud-based VOIPs allow a lot of freedom to employees as it allows them to place calls from wherever they are, and immediately connect to the office’s network. Cloud-based systems also host call data on a cloud server, saving storage space. People worldwide can connect to the cloud server, and using VOIP, make calls to people in other branches.

More Than Audio

People prefer face to face conversations to regular phone calls. Therefore, a business phone system should also allow people to make video calls for more meaningful interactions. For example, people discussing sensitive or confidential information will feel more confident during face to face sessions than an audio call. The phone system should also allow them to toggle between audio and video as and when needed.


MNCs owe their success to their network of offices around the world working together. Large corporations have employees globally, and they have to perform in sync for the company to be successful. Conferencing is a necessary activity in these corporations, connecting employees worldwide on a single call. Businesses can get a phone system that allows for a vast number of people on a conference call for maximum inclusivity. 

Customer Support

Organisations and brands dealing with consumer products and services will have a dedicated customer service department. This department is central to the company’s existence as they are one of the primary contacts of the brand’s customers. Experienced customer support is integral in maintaining and gaining customers. A well-built phone system is crucial to their services, as they are the platform on which customers and service agents interact. The platform should allow them to view customer and product information quickly and offer help immediately.

Dedicated Apps

Companies offering commercial phone services also provide a dedicated suite of apps exclusively for the company and its employees. These apps allow employees to stay in touch with each other, collaborate on projects, send and receive updates, and much more. These apps integrate all communications on a unified platform for effortless use and efficient functioning.

Integrated AI

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the inevitable future, as more people become dependent on its efficiency to improve their routines. Integrating AI into phone systems increases the abilities and potential of an establishment. For example, AIs can go through phone records and obtain insightful information from them. This feature comes in handy with customer service and support calls, giving the organisation vital information about their customers. AIs can also transcribe phone calls (audio/video) for a more in-depth understanding of the network and functioning of different departments within the organisation. 

Secure and Unbreachable Network

Companies and brands involved with innovation are likely to relay sensitive information and secret formulas via mail or phone call. The phone systems within these companies must ensure that the data isn’t accessible to third parties. The phone system should also resist attacks or illegally obtain this information from anyone outside the organisation. 

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