Most effective Social Media marketing strategies for 2020

What is social media and what do we do social media marketing? 

Social media is a platform where we interact with people through creating and sharing, the information and ideas among various virtual communities and networks. When we use these platforms to interact with our target audience to achieve our business needs like brand awareness and sales by using various strategies then it is called Social Media Marketing. 

There are many platform and tools are available for this purpose 

  • Facebook: An online platform where we can interact with an unlimited number of people. We can share images and videos among the friends network. It is the world’s largest social network. We can create a personal profile and add other users as friends. For the business purpose we need to create pages where users will follow it by simply liking the page. Advertisers can also run the advertisement for their target audience
  • Twitter: One of the most famous social media platforms where an individual and brand can interact through short messages (140 character limit) called tweets. It is commonly used by celebrities, famous personalities, govt officials and various brands
  • YouTube: This platform is used for sharing and watching Video content .It is widely used by video bloggers and advertisers for their promotional ads.
  • Blogs: It is a platform of discussion on a specific topic. Bloggers can share their ideas and information through their article which we called blogs. 
  • Instagram: With the help of various filters and frames, people can share photos and videos among their followers. It is very popular among the young aged users. Advertisers can also use it for the promotion of their product.
  • LinkedIn Groups: It platform is mainly used by professionals and brands to interact with similar professions. Advertisers can also use this platform for promotional ads. 

What are the most effective strategies for social media marketing in 2020 ?

The tools of social media are easily accessible but to use them effectively, we need a list of rules and strategies to be followed for better results. Digital Institute of Technology offers Digital Marketing Course in Delhi where they provide a complete guidelines social media marketing and best utilizing social media tools for the business. 

  1. Need a well designed social media plan 

It is important to have clarity on the desired objective or goal and design the strategies to achieve me. For designing social media plan is important for prepare following checklist of your business: 

    1. Analyze your social media and prepare SWOT for marketing
    2. Set a realistic and achievable goal
    3. Be specific while selecting your goals so that it will aligned with business objective
    4. Analyses the key metrics to achieve the goal
    5. Identify your target audiences
    6. Identify the best way to reach your target audience and influencers
    7. Design the content and strategies which will engage your target audience. 

       2. Optimize Social Media profile 

On the digital platform, Social media profile is the face of your social business. To attract your target audience and to better connect with them, you need to be aesthetically sound and accurate in the information about business and the brand.  It could be a reason for social media users to connect with any brand. Following tips will help you to optimize your profile:

    1. Mention all relevant business related information like the details of the product / services, location and contact details 
    2. All content, images and videos would be aesthetically sound
    3. Compare your profile information with your competitors and add it if important ones are missing. 
    4. Get the relevant username so that users can search you
    5. Use the right size of profile picture and cover image with accurate pixels
    6. Don’t forget to use keywords and phrase in the profile. 
    7. Keep your account active by regular posting of images and videos

      3. Know your target audience 

One of the key benefits of social media marketing is that it can reach the target audience.  It is critical to research and identify the target audience so that effective social media strategies would be designed for them. Following are the few actionable tips to manage your target audience: 

    1. Identify your target audience
    2. Refer the followers of competitors
    3. Identify the basic demography of Target audience
    4. Identify the list of their interest by analyzing their interest


     4. Research your competition 

To understand the complete market dynamics, it is important to research the social presence of competitors. Regularly check their activity and interaction with the target audience. Few basic steps will help in research of competitor’s page: 

    1. Check the content of their social paged and best performing posts
    2. Identify the social channels they are using for interacting with their customers 
    3. List down the competitors hashtags 
    4. Check their time of posting

      5. Choose a suitable social media platforms

Since all social media channels have its own features and benefits, it is important to analyze which is more suitable for a particular type of business. Choosing the right platform will impact the business and help in improve the strategies effectively.

     6. Design a social media calendar

After researching the competitor and target audience, one must have an idea about the content and timing of the post for an effective result. So the social media calendar should be designed well in advance after proper planning and measurement. Following are the information to be included in social calendar

    1. Calendar must have clearly defined responsibility of all team members
    2. Content of the posts would be well defined
    3. Timing  of post should also be mentioned
    4. Someone from the team should be assigned to manage the calendar daily
    5. Mention all the metrics for the strategies and reporting purpose
    6. Mention the estimated result expected
    7. Keep tracking marketing calendar for check the effectiveness

I hope this article will help you to understand the ways to effectively use social media. For more insights refer the digital marketing course offered by Digital Institute of Technology

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