Smart Reasons to Use Power BI in Your Business

Power BI is a powerful self-service business intelligence application. It gives businesses the tools important for better strategic analysis of information, sharing deep insights across their organization, and embedding them in their site or app. This Microsoft Power platform can prove to be very valuable for your company. Let us find out how.

How Power BI Benefits Your Business?

Below are the power BI advantages:

1. Tailored Dashboards

Microsoft Power BI comes with customization capabilities. It allows businesses to build tailored dashboards, see the data that affects you, and access any detail with just a few clicks. 

Doing this allows businesses to improve the publishing accuracy and efficiency of Business Intelligence content. Hiring power bi consultants is also a good idea as they can help you meet the requirements of your organization by leveraging your business data to determine where you have been and by guiding you towards the future. 

2. Real-Time Insights

It allows organizations to set up an automatic data refresh option to update the dashboards in real-time. This helps them determine profitable opportunities, handle time-sensitive data effectively, and fix issues in no time to make their company more competitive. Remember, steaming data sources can be social media, factory sensors, or others.

3. Smooth Integration with Microsoft Products

Plenty of businesses still depend on Microsoft Excel for analytics and building reports. However, you’ll be glad to know Power BI supports a wide range of data sources and has a growing library of more than 120 free-to-use connectors

Power BI can seamlessly integrate with existing Microsoft applications (like Sharepoint, Office 365, Excel, Azure, etc.) and non-Microsoft products (like Salesforce, Spark, Google Analytics, Hadoop, etc.) 

Therefore, when you open your Power BI dashboard, you can use any application right away. Power bi professionals can help you get a full picture of your business so that you can make data-driven decisions easily.

4. Easily Accessible

This innovative technology is accessible from any location because it can run via remote apps on a wide variety of devices and platforms. It allows the teams to collaborate whenever required and work on any file simultaneously easily. 

It makes Power BI a good option for the businesses and mobile teams that work in plenty of locations because ease of use anywhere helps them save a lot of time and ensures fast learning for almost all employees. Moreover, users do not need any professional training when using the app. 

5. End-to-end Data Security

The BI platform allows you to manage users’ access and security within the same interface. It eliminates the need to use tools to meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements by protecting sensitive information across the dashboards, data sets, and reports via BYOK (Bring Your Own Key).

6. Build Interactive Reports

With Power BI, Organizations can embed analytics and BI to create custom interactive reports related to their business. Your team can share them quickly with specific groups or the entire company. 

So, mobile and cloud users can view and analyze them without requiring any technical help. Thanks to the drag-and-drop feature, intuitive graphics designer tools, and natural language interface. You can even add permissions to the colleagues to limit your employees’ ability to edit reports or build dashboards.

7. Cortana Integration

This cloud-based service also seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft digital assistant – Cortana. It allows users to query information verbally with the help of natural language and get a superb outcome. This feature is especially helpful for those with mobile devices.


Wrapping Up:


Power BI is a suite of business intelligence, data visualization, and reporting products and services. This cloud-based platform is constantly making updates to provide users state-of-the-art business intelligence features. 


You can benefit from the Microsoft AI advances to get insights quickly from unstructured and structured data and turn them into action for an amazing data experience. Contact power bi experts today if you want to make your company reach new heights of success speedily.

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