Six SEO trends you can’t ignore in 2022

Search engine optimization- SEO is becoming the backbone of digital businesses and virtual e-commerce stores. SEO practitioners and experts are making sure to keep up with their resilience and are continuously practicing for the algorithms update.

Emerging technologies have also fueled the innovation process and search engines like Google, now need undivided attention and eagerness to learn all year round.

SEO is an ever-green evolving industry and this has its own development with growth and practices. Constantly emerging changes in the Google algorithm have also made it important for the SEO experts to keep working effortlessly for the new ranking factors.

The latest SEO trends have become a new obsession in the business market and new practices are getting the limelight. If you are a tech-savvy person or if you love to gain insights into the digital market then you must be knowing about the phenomenon of search engine optimization. 

Let’s gear you up quickly with the concept.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of improving the website’s visibility for the targeted audience. This process involves the methodologies to rank the business’s website higher on search engines, especially Google, the tech giant! Moreover, optimization includes the effective impact of the online content of the website to be more resourceful for the consumers.

This process of increasing the organic traffic over the website and making it more visible via higher ranking is known as the process of search engine optimization. Have a look at the basic steps of SEO.

  1. Initial analysis
  2. Keyword research, targeting, and analysis
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Sitemap and RSS feed inclusion
  5. Search engine and directory submission
  6. Social bookmarking
  7. Content creation
  8. Articles submission
  9. Link popularity
  10. SERP report

Be it the launch of your new website offering the best assignment writing service uk or a virtual e-commerce store, SEO is the very first element that you need to rank your brand’s website.

Take notes, SEO is on the rise and is not going to die in the upcoming decades. This is the only way that is not only effective but is also less expensive with pivotal benefits. If you are going to use it right for your business then your brand can manage to stay on the top for sure.

Below, we have compiled 6 SEO trends that you must not ignore in 2022. 

Let’s dive into the study.

Algorithms- Farewell to BERT and hello to MUM:

In the year 2022, we would be saying goodbye to the language model of BERT. This bidirectional encoder representation from transformers- BERT would be replaced completely with the Google MUM algorithm. MUM was announced in earlier 2021 and this can search across languages and images to find the accurate answers to the queries.

MUM- Multitask unified model powered by artificial intelligence is encouraging search engines to become more powerful. Model is specially designed by keeping the newer growing technologies in mind and dramatically changing choices of audience. Google’s MUM algorithm would improve the online search capability and would simplify complex queries.

Voice search and impact on search queries:

The new tech innovations like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung’s Bixby have brought the voice search into the spotlight. This technology is getting better with each passing day and is becoming popular among the audience. No matter if you want to search 7dollaressay writing service or want to land a makeup website, you would just have to speak.

Studies have highlighted that the demand for smart speakers by 2022 would be 55%. To optimize the voice search, you would have to focus on the keywords. Make sure to identify the phrases that are quite long and are used by people in daily conversation. Voice searches are also considered to perform better with longer and natural-sounding phrases.

Mobile-friendliness and responsiveness:

Google is still looking for websites that are having more optimized and responsive versions for mobiles. The Mobile-friendliness of the website is going to impact its ranking as this is considered as the primary version of the site. A report has also predicted that by 2025, 73% of internet users would be accessing the business website via their mobile phones.

This means mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of the website would ensure your higher ranking on search engines in the future. Also, keep working upon the page loading speed of your website. If that is going to be slow then Google would consider you lazy-loaded and would be indexing you on low ranks. Moreover, use the same Meta robot tags for desktop and mobile versions.

Long-form content and predictive search:

As per the studies shared by content marketing experts, long-form content that consists of more than 3000 words gets three times more traffic and four times more shares as compared to short-form content. In this way, this becomes easier for the businesses to provide more shareable information to the targeted consumers that could keep them engaged.

The predictive search feature is also all set to get improved. This is another AI-driven component that would be helping the users to gain decision-centric recommendations on the internet. This tool would identify the behavioral patterns with time and would learn about the habits of users gradually. With the help of browsing history, app usage, and search history, a predictive search is done.

Video and image optimization:

Online videos are quite amazing to explain your message and product to the audience. According to the writers of dissertation writing service uk websites that YouTube is the biggest example of content marketing that shows, businesses must focus on their content marketing strategies and must create engaging and crispy videos. Optimize your videos with the help of channel names and descriptions.

Visual image search has also risen dramatically and has become an effective component of marketing. In 2022 and beyond, people would be using optimized images to purchase products and obtain accurate information about them. Ensure to use higher quality images with customized file names and keep them relevant to the content.

UX would become more powerful:

UX- user experience is going to take a whole new turn in 2022 and beyond. SEO is now depending significantly on on-site optimization, effective link building, responsiveness, and user experience. Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics that is now launched in Google’s core update. This would be measuring the page loading speed as per the perspectives of user experience.

From loading performance to interactivity measurement and visual stability, SEO now has major concepts and practices to learn more than ever before. While keeping user experience in mind, you would have to optimize the site in an effective way to meet the recommended core web vital scores. Make sure that your website is HTTPS secured as well to rank higher on Google.


The Year of pandemic 2021 has been an exciting year for SEO practitioners. Google has also developed itself and has emerged with an increased focus on AI-based results and digital media. We have rounded up the aforementioned six top SEO trends over which you must think critically and intelligently for your website. Consider them a quick guide for ranking your business website in the future.

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