Should You Add Decorative Concrete to Your Texas Home?

Thanks to technology and creativity, Decorative concrete has now become a preferred flooring material in most homes. The creation of  concrete has transformed concrete from simply being a utilitarian material to an aesthetic medium in construction. 

There are various types of decorative concretes and they can be used on different parts of the house including floors, walls, driveways, and patios. The various types of  concretes include stamped concrete, stained concrete, painted concrete, and concrete overlays.

This article gives an overview of the pros and cons of decorative concrete, this can help you decide on whether or not you want to add decorative concrete to your Texas home.


There are many benefits of installing decorative concrete on your residential property. Although each type of  concrete has its specific benefits, the following are its general benefits:

  • Decorative concrete offers many options unlike other flooring or building methods. Concrete can achieve various textures by making it patterned, smooth, stenciled, or engraved. It can also be colored or stamped to resemble marbles, woods, or shells
  • Decorative concretes are custom made which allows them to give off a unique appearance that will usually not be found elsewhere. It can be used to floor driveways and design walls
  • One of the most popular benefits of using concrete is its durability. Concrete is likely the strongest material used in construction. Thus, installing concrete floors will ensure that the floor lasts longer, saving the cost of regular repairs or replacements
  • In addition to these,  concretes are easy to maintain. They usually require mild sweeping and mopping to keep them looking as good as new


There are few downsides to using decorative concrete and they include the following:

  • It is usually advised that you hire a professional when adding decorative concrete to your home. This is because the mixing of concrete requires certain techniques to ensure that it lasts as long as expected. In addition, experience and skills are required to properly decorate concrete, and attempting to do it on your own may cause you to lose money and time
  • One major disadvantage of concrete is its tendency to develop cracks after some years. If concrete is however properly laid, it will last many years before it begins to develop cracks
  • Concrete, because of its hardness, can sometimes be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. Many people complain of pains in the legs, knees, or hips after standing on concrete floors for long periods 
  • Concrete tends to retain moisture and this sometimes leads to damage to the decorations such as paints and dyes.

Important Tips to Note When Installing Decorative Concrete

  • Do your homework. Research the exact type of decorative concrete you want and whether or not it is suitable for your home
  • Also, check for prices to be sure that you can afford to install them
  • Make sure you choose the right contractor for the job. Ask for a portfolio and pictures of past jobs. You will want to pick a contractor that is skilled and experienced who fully understands what you want
  • Speak with your contractor on what you want to be delivered, ask for their opinion, and make use of their advice. Chances are, they know more about decorative concrete than you do.
Should You Add Decorative Concrete to Your Texas Home


Decorative concrete is a unique method of designing your concrete walls or floors.  It is advantageous to choose Windows Bristol. Before deciding on whether or not you want to install concrete on your property it is important to have a full picture of what it entails.

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