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If you are already running your business and looking for further expansion on a large scale, you need the highly robust, powerful, and resourceful web hosting solution. It is somewhat similar to medicines in which a patient takes the required one for their body. Like medicines, you get a variety of options in web hosting like Shared server, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, Cluster Server, Colocation Server, etc. Still, a business person or any individual is likely to pick what is needed for their online business.

However, Shared Hosting is best only for business beginners, whereas VPS hosting is opted for by users who get a significant amount of traffic on their websites. But when it comes to exploring the business, only a Dedicated Server Pasadena is ideal. It is the foremost and primary choice of entrepreneurs, web developers, designers of Pasadena who are planning for further business expansion. This is because of giving the enterprise-grade resources and compelling features that we discuss in this post.

Further, you get to know more about the best Dedicated Server Provider in Pasadena. But before that, we let you know what features you need to consider while choosing the best web host for you. Let’s get started!

Features of Using Dedicated Server in Pasadena

A Dedicated Server is an internet hosting type that gives you highly compatible and user friendly web space for hosting your website with a wide range of reliable services and top-level features. So, here we discuss the principal features of Dedicated Server Pasadena that you need to consider while making a web host decision.

Server Management

Most of the users opt for the Best Dedicated Server in Pasadena because of its reliability. If you choose the fully managed Dedicated Server Pasadena Hosting. In that case, it is monitored and supervised by the expert technical team in order to deliver seamless performance and the highest server speed. Also, your site upgrades, backups, complete maintenance is your web host job. So, you can freely sustain your focus on your business.


Whether it is a small or large enterprise, everyone aims to build a whopping customer base and increase revenues. How is it possible when you get a limited set of resources? Is it possible? No! With limited resources, it would be more challenging to deal with high traffic. That’s why a Dedicated Server Pasadena comes into the limelight.

You will get high availability of resources and more flexibility to scale up your resources. High scalability lets your server perform various functionalities. Also, when your website tends to grow, then you won’t need to worry about site downtime and poor performance. You can easily and quickly scale up resources.

Advanced-Data Security

Security plays a significant role for everyone using the web hosting services for securing the website and server data. That’s why it is important. Many businesses face various types of security challenges to prevent their server from being crashed. If this happens accidentally, business operations can suffer major damage beyond repair. This would also affect the overall revenue and reputation of your business.

Therefore, you need to choose the Pasadena Dedicated Server, as you get an elevated level of security and shielded environment such as DDoS protection, Firewalls, Anti-malware scans, SSL security, and much more. Additionally, you can install any custom build security software against unwanted attacks and intrusions.

Administrative Access and Server Configuration

Dedicated Server Pasadena gives you complete root-level or admin access. So, you can easily configure your server and various necessary software programs in order to accomplish your website functionality. You get complete control over every function performed on your server. Also, you can install any custom made and critical applications on your server. Further, if you want to remove any software from your server, then you can easily uninstall them with one click.

High Availability

With the Dedicated Server in Pasadena, you get an advanced technology-based hosting environment with a fully secure server and services. The servers are highly secured by round the clock server monitoring, network, storage, and redundant power connectivity. Therefore, ensures high availability of services such as 99.99% uptime, SLAs, secure management, and server monitoring.

Operating System Choices

Dedicated Server Pasadena Hosting allows their potential users to install their choice of an operating system that matches their budget and business requirements. This is because all the web applications you want to run for performing various operations on your server require a specific type of OS such as Windows or Linux. In such cases, most of the Pasadena-based Dedicated Server providers give you the option to choose any OS that is best for your business.

Hardware Choices

With Dedicated Server Pasadena Hosting, you get the freedom to choose the best and powerful hardware options such as a number of cores, RAM sizes, bandwidth, CPU Model, and so on to experience fast performance. Additionally, you can upgrade and customize them as per your requirements.

Control panel Options

With the broad range of control panel options, you can efficiently run and operate all the functions performed on your server. Most Dedicated Servers in Pasadena providers offer a vast range of control panel options such as cPanel, Plesk, and WHM. These control panels help you set up and install powerful spam filters, create various web applications, manage domains, Email accounts, databases, and handle file management. You can choose any control panel based on your Operating System.

All these are the principal features that help you to choose the best and reliable web host provider. So, if you are looking for such a Dedicated Server in Pasadena provider, take a look at the serverwala. Check whether it gives you all these above mentioned features.

Serverwala – Best Web Hosting Provider

An India based web host provider, Serverwala Cloud Data Center was founded in 2015, centers its world-class services across the globe. The company has won many awards because of services with the highest security, network reliability, optimal performance, and consistent customer support. Being a data center, the company Serverwala ensures maximum availability of resources and services for their customers. That’s why it has made more than 10,000+ happy customers globally. So, you can rely on their web hosting services. They offer various types of web hosting such as shared, dedicated server, VPS hosting, cluster server, cloud hosting, and colocation services. They deliver the best in class services from their top-tier data centers that help you employ the Pasadena Dedicated Server’s enterprise-grade resources.

Choose Cheap Dedicated Server in Pasadena From Serverwala

  • Choose Your Control Panel (cpanel, Plesk and WHM)
  • Multiple Choice of Operating Systems(Windows and Linux(CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian))
  • Rock Solid Security(DDoS protection, SLAs, SSL certificate)
  • Choose the number of core processors.
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • 99% uptime
  • 100% Dedicated Resources
  • 20X faster server speed
  • SSH Root Access for operating your server.
  • High-Performance Guaranteed
  • Highest Reliability
  • All services are easily Customizable
  • Hardware Level Control
  • Powerful Servers

In a Nutshell

Serverwala is the leading and one-stop hosting provider, ideal for the users who want to grow their business by employing the exclusive and enterprise-grade benefits of Dedicated Server Pasadena hosting. The company gives you the best in company standard services for your resources intensive websites. It is also helpful for the goal specific businesses. Also, with a 24*7 real-time server monitoring and customer support system, you would not face technical issues and interruptions in your web hosting. However, you can focus on your sales to exponentially grow your business with Serverwala.

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