How to Safely Buy Backlinks That Rank

Backlinks are one of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). The quantity and quality of backlinks you have can have a powerful influence on your website’s rankings and the traffic you get. Let’s see how you can safely buy backlinks that actually help your rankings.

What Is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link on another website that redirects to yours. Backlinks tell the search engine that your content is relevant for a particular keyword and this increases your rankings. Backlinks also increase traffic since audiences are being referred to your page.

With the sheer volume of content out there, it is becoming increasingly challenging to build backlinks. Even relevant and high-quality content might not get linked easily. Buying backlinks is one of the ways in which you can overcome this.

Risks of Buying Backlinks

Buying backlinks is known as a black hat SEO technique. Black hat SEO refers to many methods used to mislead search engines by manipulating indexes. If you use black hat SEO techniques and are detected, that can have an immense negative impact on your rankings.

Buying backlinks is something Google discourages in its guidelines. The exchange of money for backlinks can harm your site’s ranking in search results.

However, there are ways to invest in backlinks while ensuring relevance and quality that can make it unlikely for your backlink to be detected as bought.

What Makes a Quality Backlink?

All backlinks do not have the same impact on your ranking and traffic. Certain qualities make a backlink high quality so that it has a positive effect on your rankings. One needs to keep these qualities in mind while buying a backlink.


If your site is not relevant to the keyword you are being linked from, people are less likely to click on it. Hence, the more the relevance of the backlink, the better its effect on your rankings.

When buying backlinks, don’t just buy from any random website that offers cheap backlinks. Ensure that the site you are buying from is relevant to your content and that their audience would be likely to click on your site.


A webpage that already has a high ranking is a better platform to get a backlink from than a webpage that has a low ranking.

Sites that sell too many irrelevant backlinks are likely to have a low ranking themselves. When these sites have a backlink to your site, it can have no effect or worse, a negative impact on your ranking.


A page with a high level of traffic already will be more valuable in directing traffic to your page than a page with low traffic itself.

When buying backlinks, ensure that the page is well-established in its niche and draws high engagement traffic levels. This will make sure your backlinks don’t go to waste.

Placement of Backlink

Where and how a backlink is inserted can decide whether or not anyone will click on it. High-quality backlinks are anchored on relevant text in the main body of the webpage.

When buying backlinks, avoid websites that place many backlinks in the footers or sidebars of the page, or anchor it to irrelevant or meaningless text.

Where to Buy Backlinks From

Keeping in mind these basic principles will ensure that the backlinks to your site are seen as high-quality backlinks by the search engine, making it less likely for the backlink to be detected as being bought. Now let’s come to where you can buy backlinks safely from.

Because of the risks associated with backlinks, it is best not to go for sellers that seem to be selling at unrealistically low prices. With a little bit of research, you will see that those backlinks are usually extremely low quality.

However, ensuring quality when buying backlinks can be an extremely time-consuming process, and you can better invest that time in other techniques that will also help with SEO rankings. Instead, you can buy the services of firms that will ensure that your backlinks are high quality.

Another alternative is to approach bloggers who make content relevant to your site. Exchange of money is not the only way to buy backlinks here, as you can also offer to create guest blog posts in return for assured backlinks or barter products as well.

Bottom Line

Buying backlinks can be risky if not done well. Buying high-quality and safe backlinks is not cheap, but it can significantly help your rankings if you can invest. Consider whether you have the budget and whether it fits your priorities, and go ahead!

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