Resolve QuickBooks Won’t Open Issue Using Simple Methods

QuickBooks not getting open and showing error code as QuickBooks won’t open? Let us help. This error code generally appears when users try to access their company file or the software itself, causing users some major problems. 

This article on QuickBooks can’t open error will guide you to discover the causes, symptoms and proven methods to fix this error. So, let’s begin.

What Triggers The Error Code QuickBooks Won’t Open?

Prior to applying the fixation methods to open QuickBooks, understanding the causes will help users prevent this troublesome error from recurring. 

Check out the below-mentioned factors that lead to QuickBooks won’t open error to appear on your system:

1: Extensive Names For Company Files – QuickBooks provides a limit for your company file name, and if you exceed it, the QuickBooks program won’t open.

2: Outdated Operating System – Having an outdated Windows put your system vulnerable to malware and threats. It corrupts the system plus QB installation files and causes QuickBooks to not run.

3: Corrupt Hard Disk – QuickBooks operation requires its product key which is generally stored in your system’s hard disk. Any corruption in it will cause QuickBooks unable to open.

4: Incorrect QuickBooks Installation – A faulty installation of QuickBooks leads to corruption in QuickBooks components that make QuickBooks not work.

5: Corrupt “QBWUSER.INI” File – QBWUSER.INI file plays a key role in QuickBooks functionality and if it becomes corrupt, the QuickBooks won’t start error will emerge.

What Indicates The QuickBooks Can’t Open Issue?

Before you implement the solutions designed for QuickBooks won’t open error, you must confirm this error by checking the following symptoms:

  • When you start QuickBooks, it displays an error code and begins lagging badly.
  • The system fails to process your keyboard and mouse input.
  • Showing Error Code: Can’t Open The QuickBooks.
  • The company file can’t be accessed.

5 Proven Methods To Remove QuickBooks Not Opening Error

Now that the causes and indications for the QuickBooks not opening error are identified, let’s explore the fixation methods that are effective against this problematic error.

Furthermore, it is recommended that users perform a fresh system reboot and implement the following methods sequentially.

Method 1: End QBW32.Exe Process

In order to solve QuickBooks won’t open issue, the first and most popular method is to end the QBW32.exe process. Here’s how:

  • To begin with, hold together the “Ctrl”, “Shift” and “Esc” keys together.
  • After that, launch the “Windows-Task-Manager”.
  • Now, reach the “Processes” window and find “QBW32.exe”.
  • Finally, click “QBW32.exe” then hit on “End-Task”. 

This will refresh your QuickBooks program and thereafter, you won’t get the QuickBooks not opening error. Otherwise, rename QBWUSER.INI, follow next.

Method 2: Rename QBWUSER.INI File

Changing the “QBWUSER.INI” file’s name will automatically refresh the file itself and help QuickBooks to operate properly. Follow these:

  • Initially, ensure to gain access to the hidden files and folders.
  • Thereafter, proceed to launch “My-Computer”.
  • After that, double-tap the “C: Drive”.
  • Then, launch these folders:
  • 1: Application-Data.
  • 2: Intuit.
  • 3: QuickBooks (year).
  • Next, locate and click right on “QBWUSER.INI”.
  • Now, select “Rename” and type OLD.
  • Finally, press “Enter” to rename.

Now that the “QBWUSER.INI” file is appropriately renamed, examine the QuickBooks not opening error. 

Method 3: Execute QuickFix My Program

Intuit offers tools like QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and QuickFix Program for fixing the QuickBooks won’t run and other issues. 

The steps to execute the QuickFix My Program to open the QuickBooks software are as follows:

  • To begin with, download and launch the “QuickBooks-Tool-Hub”.
  • Next, from its dashboard, reach out to “Program Problems”.
  • Finally, run the “QuickFix-My-Program” tool.

Note: The QuickFix Program tool needs some time to fix the program appropriately. After the tool finished its course, run a system reboot and look for the error code QuickBooks won’t open.

Method 4: Repair QuickBooks Desktop 

QuickBooks installation files are vulnerable to malware and viruses. In case it gets corrupt, the QuickBooks software will start malfunctioning and show the error code QuickBooks can’t open.

Fortunately, repairing the QuickBooks software will restore installation files to their original state and make the QuickBooks functional again. Follow these:

  • First, do a backup of your crucial company files and reach out to “Control-Panel”.
  • Thereafter, open “Programs-Features” and choose the “Uninstall-Program”
  • Next, select “QuickBooks” software and tap “Uninstall/Change”.
  • Now, hit “Continue” then select “Next”.
  • Finally, choose “Repair” and follow the prompts.

Now that your QuickBooks is repaired, you won’t get the error while opening the QuickBooks. However, if you do then apply the next method.

Method 5: Shift Company File

If you’re getting the QuickBooks won’t open issue while launching your company file, it indicates that your company file is corrupt. Hence, shift your company file to resolve this error. Here’s how:

  • Primarily, reach your Company File’s directory.
  • Then, click on your company file named “.qbw”.
  • After that, press “Ctrl” plus “C” together.
  • Thereafter, reach the “C: Drive” then right-click somewhere. 
  • Next, click “New” and “Create-Folder” respectively.
  • Now, name the folder then open it. 
  • Finally, press “Ctrl” plus “V” for pasting the file.

As you relocate the company file, launch it with administrative rights and the QuickBooks can’t open error will no longer appear.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks faces trouble in opening due to extensive company name, corrupt hard disk and many other issues. However, by applying the mentioned solutions in this article, users can effectively overcome this error right away.

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