Reasons Behind The Samsung Smart TVs Best Picture Quality

A report suggests that Indian smart TV market is growing at a CAGR of 4.7% within a forecasted period between 2017 – 2025. The same report also predicted that by 2024, the market would reach USD 20.4 billion. This exponential growth in India is mainly attributed to the brands like Samsung, LG and Sony that hold three-fourths of market share. 

The demand for Samsung LED is primarily due to the features that it accompanies. For instance, the picture quality of smart TVs of this brand is highly impressive, along with other excellent specifications. To ensure this superior picture quality, Samsung has incorporated the best technology that individuals can consider, especially those sceptical about this particular quality. 

Technologies Samsung uses for better picture quality 

Following are some of the factors that makes Samsung smart TV’s picture quality one of the best among its peers. 

  • Screen type

When it comes to innovative technologies in terms of improved picture quality, screen type plays a crucial role. Keeping this aspect in mind, Samsung has introduced smart TVs in variants like QLED and OLED that support better picture clarity. Samsung LED Smart TVs also have a VA panel that offers better colour contrast ratio and black uniformity. 

  • Resolution

Besides, screen type, the resolution is also a crucial factor determining the picture quality of a smart TV. For instance, most Samsung LED TVs sport 4K resolution that has almost 4 times more pixels than traditional Full HD TVs. 

These specifications are available in different screen size variants, such as 32-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, etc. The price of smart TV depends on the screen size as well. For instance, 32 inch LED TV price of a Samsung smart TV generally ranges below 20000, and it increases with screen size and other particulars. 

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  • Viewing modes

Another factor that ensures the improved picture quality of a smart TV from Samsung is its different screen settings. For instance, these TVs come with the following modes. 

  • Standard mode – This mode is best for indoor atmosphere and provides adequate and stable brightness. 

  • Dynamic mode – It is best for light-rich areas and daytime viewing. 

  • Natural mode – This mode detects the surrounding atmosphere and adjusts the brightness accordingly. 

  • Movie mode – As the name suggests, this particular setting is apt for enjoying a movie in a dimly lit ambience. 

Since several Samsung LED TVs are available right now, you have to be careful while choosing one. On top of that, compare the prices as well before making an informed decision.

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