Read These Points To Understand Better Bitcoin And Ethereum

Cryptocurrency is an intangible, digital currency that works on decentralized blockchain technology. This digital currency made transactions between people across the globe possible. Unlike global currencies like US Dollar or Yen, the cryptocurrency doesn’t come under the purview of any governmental regulation. This feature makes cryptocurrency less lucrative for governments.

By using cryptocurrency, you can easily transact goods and services across the globe, but often, cryptocurrency is used as an investment source to mint gains similar to other financial products. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency, the digital currency has had massive troughs, majorly upward direction. 

The cryptocurrency is now playing in the massive field with billions of dollars invested in it. This itself is enough to tell how much of a big game the cryptocurrency has turned into. In this Gameplay, Bitcoin and Ethereum are two major players that have attracted many investors and reaped huge profits. 

Few Words About Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is the most successful cryptocurrency that laid the stage for introducing other digital currencies as well. Back in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious person from Japan, came up with the concept of Bitcoin on a white sheet of paper. With the advancement of technological aspects, Bitcoin has now become a digitally traded currency, which balances are laid in cryptographically encrypted public ledgers, known as the blockchain. 

Each transaction in Bitcoin is carried out in ledgers. This ensured warding off the double-spending problem- people can’t create fake Bitcoin, or the Bitcoins already transacted cannot be used again. If you want to trade in Bitcoin, you can do so via various apps in the market.

Back in 2017, when the cryptocurrency market saw a boom, the market share of Bitcoin valued around 87% of the total crypto market value. However, as other cryptocurrencies gained popularity by time, the share of Bitcoin reduced to a surprisingly 48% of the overall market value.

Few Words About Ethereum

Blockchain technology is the key technology that is used in the creation of cryptocurrency. Ethereum, too, works on the same technology like Bitcoin does. Ethereum is a digital-based platform that possesses its cryptocurrency, called ether or Ethereum. Being a blockchain platform, the Ethereum platform emphasizes providing verified and recorded transactions. 

The Ethereum network users can easily create, monetize, publish, and use the various applications on the decentralized platform. Here, the users make payments in ether, an official currency unit of Ethereum. As of May 2021, Ethereum stands second to Bitcoin on a market value basis. Creating the discussion regarding Ethereum set to exceed Bitcoin’s value in the coming years.

Key Differences Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum work on cryptography and digitally distributed ledgers. However, both these forms of cryptocurrency differ from each other if considered based on the technical aspects. For instance, transactions on the Ethereum platform contain executable code, whereas; Transactions associated with Bitcoin are rigidly confined to keep track of notes.

The second thing that creates a difference between the duo is their varied block time. In case of Ethereum, a transaction is concluded in just some seconds, whereas it takes around minutes to conclude a transaction in Bitcoin.

Apart from these two differences of cryptocurrencies, the algorithms on which both of the cryptocurrencies are created are different. The algorithm that runs for Bitcoin is SHA-256, while Ethash is the algorithm of Ethereum.

Lastly, the purposes for which both the cryptocurrencies are created are altogether for different purposes. Bitcoin was created solely to dodge the restrictions and regulations imposed on the national currencies. There was a need to have a currency to allows the users to transact freely. On the other hand, Ethereum was created to develop a platform where users can easily deal with immutable contracts and applications using their currency.


Undoubtedly, Bitcoin achieved unprecedented popularity and soared high to the point that the entire crypto market grew by leap and bound. As a result, several cryptocurrencies emerged, such as Ethereum that grabbed the eyes of many.

There is a sign between them both the cryptocurrencies, however, it is to be noted that Ethereum is a blockchain platform that intends to support Bitcoin networking, and hence, there is no such rigid competition between these two cryptocurrencies.


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