QLED TV or MI Smart TV – Thing You Must Know Before Getting One of These

What is a QLED TV? It defines a Quantum dot-based TV. Quantum dot material sets QLED TVs apart from other types. The inevitable question in this context is what quantum dot is all about. 

Quantum dots are nano-scale size (2-10 nanometers) ultra-fine semiconductor materials. Depending on the size of the particle, these dots generate various colours of light. The larger the size of the particle, the redder the colour appears and the smaller the size of the particle, the bluer the colour looks. 

The quantum dots emit perfect coloured light because the particles can adjust their sizes in alignment with the quantum-level velocities. As a result, light emissions are precise and efficient. The greater excellence in producing luminance heavily influences overall picture quality. 

What’s Unique about QLED SMART TVs?

QLED TVs, designed with advanced technology, make good use of many high-end features unique to Quantum Dots (For Example, High Luminance). Luminance refers to the brightness of the screen. Brightness is a crucial factor that affects other elements related to image quality. Higher brightness automatically increases the contrast ratio. 

When darkness and brightness widely and vividly represent images and videos, it comes to be known as High Dynamic Range or HDR. It is important to mention in this regard that HDR is an essential element of picture quality. Enhanced HDR provides crisp images, rich colours and vivid details.

What Affects Colours?

Brightness heavily affects overall colour quality. For instance, a gamut of bright and red exists in the red colour spectrum. However, QLED smart TVs represent the range in a better way. 

QLED technology is way ahead of many that used to rule the technological landscape in bygone days. The technology in conjunction with Direct Full Array and other black implementation technologies offer unique and excellent pictures, thus producing a realistic viewing experience far better than what non-QLED TVs can deliver. 

QLED – A Smart Entry 

QLED is not only advanced technology but also a more economical one, especially in comparison with OLED. QLED smart TVs offer a far better display quality at a lower price. OLEDs usually produce the punchiest blacks, which is not a forte of Quantum Dots.  

QLED TVs – They Bring the Best of Both Worlds

QLED smart TVs house a film of nanocrystals in front of LED lights. Each nanocrystal quantum dot is capable of emitting its own light. The technology helps produce brighter and more precise colours. 

The starkest difference between QLED and OLED is whereas the former produces incredible brightness, the latter produces the deepest blacks. Just imagine what happens when both technologies meet. You get the best of both worlds and the result is beyond your dream. 

QLED actually combines the BEST of BOTH – it uses light transference of OLED technology and colour gamut and brightness of quantum dots. The result is as amazing as it could get. Excellent clarity and deeper blacks give you a stupefying viewing experience every time you enjoy binge-watch or a thrilling match. 

QLED Smart TVs offer 30-40% luminance efficiency. It’s also a power-saving technology. However, QLED is much more than OLED with quantum dots. It is a revolutionary concept that has merged the best from both worlds to produce something stunning and inspiring. 

What are the Advantages of QLED?

QLED is smart technology and offers several advantages of the previous ones. Followings are some pros that it offers:

  • At the same colour point, the technology delivers a brightness efficiency advantage over OLEDs. QLEDs deliver more power efficiency at the same colour purity. 
  • QLED offers cost-efficiency. Large area QLEDs are printable on super-thin flexible substrates. The technique cuts the cost of manufacturing, resulting in a drop in price.
  • QLED allows designers to make flexible and ultra-thin form factors, which is not possible with existing technology. 
  • QLED TV screens have better viewing angles. Deeper blacks and vibrant colours give a more true-to-life image on the screen. 

Mi TVs come from the stable of Xiaomi, a brand that has earned huge popularity in the Indian market in a short span of time.  

Mi Smart TVs are quite popular with buyers. Reasons? They wear a sporty and smart look. You will get to enjoy brilliant image details and lifelike colours. They also produce excellent audio quality, thanks to powerful built-in stereo speakers. An excellent audio-video combination brings you a rich cinematic experience right within the comfort of your home. 

Whether you are buying a Mi or a QLED TV, you should consider some specific points to make sure that you are choosing the right stuff. Though QLED is the smartest of all technologies, not all QLED TVs are equally efficient. Start with what you need and how much you can pay for a new QLED or a Mi Smart TV. It will help you find out the best model. 

QLED smart televisions are expensive than smart TVs of other genres. Therefore, you may prefer an instalment payment to afford a big-budget smart TV. Bajaj Finserv EMI Store allows you to make payments through affordable EMIs. So, Stay Cool and Say Cheers! 

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