Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks: Work Anytime and from Anywhere

Paperless works and transactions have been used in a wide aspect of businesses. Due to the pandemic for more than a year now, working from home has been essential to every employee and business owner.

You know that it is more convenient to run a business in the comfort of your home. With this, documents and other files must stay protected from cyber-attacks and malicious ware. Loss of this data can put your business at risk.

Microsoft is the market leader in today’s technology space. So it is just right that they have the power to provide high-quality security solutions to their customers.

Having a great Microsoft security provider is crucial in this current time of cyberattacks. With the advancement of technology, malicious actors also evolve to seek new and complex ways to invade systems.

Selecting a substantial Microsoft security provider is vital. You should know that they have the right tools, best applications, and the most robust software to manage and satisfy your security needs.

A great provider must also invest in product research, threat indicators, intelligence, integration, and much more. There are four essentials in Microsoft security.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management is a term for framework, policies, and security solutions that help businesses and organizations manage who and what can access the corporate resources.

IAM usually used two-factor authentication right up to biometrics. It is one of the best ways to protect your data from external threats.

Microsoft 365 is widely used for corporate resources, and with Microsoft security, you’ll never have to worry about compromised identity. In addition, Microsoft 365 solutions can easily flag and restrict high-risk users.

Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Compromised identities and malicious insider actions are the targets of Azure Advanced Threat Protection or ATP. It is a cloud-based security solution that uses signals from an on-premises active directory to neutralize serious threats to your operation.

ATP can recognize and locate anomalies provided by its built-in intelligence. It oversees all user activities and information passed to and from your network and creates a unique baseline for every user.

With ATP, you can stop suspicious activities from its tract before it even does serious damage to your system.


Azure Information Protection

Like Azure Active Directory, which delivers identity and access management to Microsoft 365, Azure Information Protection is another component of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Document-level security enables organizations and businesses to protect and classify documents based on labels that can be added automatically through a set of rules, manually or both. This security is so strong that it can work outside the organization and always remains with the document.

How does it work? For instance, if someone tries to open or view a file without permission, they can be blocked based on the company’s permissions, employment status, or date.

The permission always remains with the file that you don’t have to worry about if the document is stored in Office 365 or a USB portable device.

Microsoft Cloud Security

With more and more working remotely and shifting their operations on the cloud, it is a must to protect yourself from cyber threats. Your clients and providers have the peace of mind that they are in safe hands when transacting with your business.

Microsoft Cloud Security allows you to protect your apps, data, and business information with security intelligence.

Establishing the robustness of your cybersecurity protection at all times is indispensable. Failure to invest in the best solutions will result in stolen data, financial losses, and reputational damage.

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