Promoting Your Company ? Print ID Card Holders With Lanyards Strap

The more publicity your business gets, the more likely your bottom line will climb. One of the easiest ways of putting your business name in front of potential customers is the use of custom lanyards.

A custom lanyard is an often overlooked marketing tool for promoting your brand or message. However, they have proved to be effective time and time again in today’s competitive business world.

While traditionally these identification tools work well with name tags and name badges, lanyards are good for so much more.

But, what are lanyards (dây đeo thẻ)?

From offices and conferences to schools and hospitals, lanyards are everywhere. Not only do these tools help to keep a name tag close and easy to use, but they are great for a broad range of activities. From the workplace to schools and concerts to trade shows, lanyards are a perfect networking and branding tool. Attach keys, name badges, meeting agendas and more to a brightly colored lanyard at your next event.

Here at, we produce thẻ nhân viên that can be used for promoting your business as well.

Why Custom Lanyards?

Custom lanyards offer a wide range of benefits for your company.

For starters, they can help to strengthen your brand’s identity. If you make your employees wear them–especially your sales staff–your brand’s identity has a higher chance of sticking in a customer’s memory.

Lanyards can also make your company more visible when you wear them out in public.

Another perk of promotional lanyards? They make great gifts to give out to your customers.

Why Giving ID Card Holders to Guests is a Marketing Opportunity

Think trade show, and it automatically calls to mind businesses dishing out all sorts of goodies. Stand out from your competitors by giving out your ID card holders to guests.

ID card holders are not only a functional item, but as discussed above, they are also very much promotional because of the logo and brand colours.

You could do the same whenever you have a visitor to your offices. Along with a guest ID card for security reasons, let them have your branded card holder as well, which they could then keep when leaving.

Your company logo will be on view long after they have left your premises.

Cord Material

Your lanyard cord material is an important consideration when purchasing custom lanyards. For instance, polyester, nylon, and plant silk lanyards are all available depending on your needs and personal preference.

Printing Options for Customized Lanyards

It’s another way to show your company or school pride: customized lanyards!

Custom printed lanyards are great for any organization where employees or students are required to wear ID badges. They also can be used as promotional giveaways or as a fundraiser for a school, we charity, or community organization. A customized lanyard can feature your design, company name or logo, colors, or other text that is either imprinted or woven on a lanyard.

You will have a few decisions to make when ordering your custom lanyards. The first decision you need to make is how your design will be applied to the lanyard: silk

  • screen printing

  • dye sublimation process

  • woven customization

Are Promotional ID Card Holders Expensive?

The great thing about promotional ID card holders is that they are not expensive at all; especially when purchased in bulk. This is something we specialise in here at Just let us have your design and any other pertinent details.

Implement them within your company and get that edge. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!



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