Post move basketball drills for players and coaches

Basketball drills are an important component of a player’s life. These drills help players in upgrading their potential and physical abilities. Every drill is specialized for specific steps and moves performed while playing basketball. To be an epic player, one needs to be skillful as well as good at executing various moves in the field. Basketball training videos and basketball drills are both playing an important role in building the career of a basketball player.

In our playlist of basketball training videos instructions about all the different types of basketball drills are present. In these videos, a basketball professional will teach you every drill and how to practice them. In this section we are going to discuss post move basketball drills.

Basketball post move drills

Post players play a significant role in taking their team towards success. Post position is a key position for both offense and defense. While playing offense a good post player should be able to not only limit the score but also be good at pass, space and help screen. Similarly, while playing defense it is the duty of post players to protect the basket and finish by rebounding. There are several different types of post move basketball drills such as

  • Hook shot Warm up basketball drill
  • 20 shot post ball screen basketball drill
  • Off the block basketball post drill
  • 5 dribble swim move and seal basketball drill
  • Angle anticipation basketball post drill
  • Drop step post move basketball drill
  • Drop step gather finish basketball drill
  • Elbow pivot series basketball finishing drill
  • High low basketball post drill
  • Up and under basketball post drill
  • Combination post scoring basketball drill
  • Moves post catch and finish basketball dril
  • Post pull through shot fake reverse finish post move basketball drill
  • Tough catch and finish basketball drill
  • Hook shot gather finish basketball drill

How are these training videos for basketball post move drills helpful?

In our training videos, different professor streetball instructing points are included that play an important role in the development of post players. With the help of these drills, players will be able to enhance their passing, shooting, touch, and scoring abilities. With these training videos, some teaching points are also present to instruct and guide the players in the best way. These points will help you know when to use various post moves and understand them completely.

Players will be able to know what the perfect post position is and what timing is perfect for catching the ball while fighting the defense.  They will be able to read the defense and how their opposing defender is guarding the court. Similarly they will be able to work on different areas such as work on both hands, quality repetition, be willing to give the ball up and how to simplify their moves. 


Post moves improvement is important in the development of post players. For this purpose, our library of horns offense training videos are enough as it contains post move drills and some valuable teaching points for post players. So have these videos and train yourself in the best possible way.

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