Games and children- 3 popular children’s games in India

There’s no denying that children love playing games, be it on their smartphones or even on video game consoles or computers! While restricting screen usage is always recommended for parents, it is a fact that several games do in fact help children bolster their sharpness, mental learning and varied skills while helping them beat stress and relax. Playing games is one of the biggest kids hobbies today and you should balance this out with more educational pursuits including their studies, online learning classes (you can pick from an extensive hobbies list at platforms like Yellow Class) which teach them new skills and also general playtime, socializing with peers, household activities and so on. 

Coming back to games, the video game console of yore has been given tough competition by the smartphone or tablet in recent years. There are several games which children absolutely adore and for good reasons!

Here’s taking a look at the top 3 games that kids love playing on a regular basis:-

1. Minecraft-

Minecraft is one of the most popular and famous games for children. No list of games for kids is complete without mentioning Minecraft. Minecraft has a profound impact on little ones who love the interesting modes present in this interestingly tailored game. The Creative mode enables building and breaking down your own little and fascinating worlds. The Survival mode enables fighting off creepers as well. Minecraft is today’s Lego and the ultimate game for a whole new generation of kids. It is also used in educational institutions these days for enabling greater creative expression and problem solving abilities in little ones. It is highly recommended by several experts too. 

2. Lego Tower-

Most of us will appreciate it more if kids start playing with their actual Lego sets in place of virtual bricks and pieces on their mobile phones or tablets. However, in the absence of the actual Lego pieces, this game is a fabulous option for children. This game gets kids to develop and run their own dream Lego Tower. They can create businesses and apartments which will house Mini-figure residents. They can also live, work and socialize while visiting towers of their pals for trading items while also helping them build further alongside. There are thousands of pieces up for grabs along with numerous characters. Several items may be unlocked in this game too. 

3. Fruit Ninja-

The popularity of this game simply refuses to wane! Fruit Ninja is all about cutting and slicing pieces of fruit thrown onto the screen with a virtual sword. Children love scoring points by slicing fruits while also avoiding bombs at the same time. It is ideal for a tablet or smartphone since any child can start swiping on the screen. There is a local multiplayer mode for children to play with their friends and siblings as well. 

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