OSRS – What Are Spirit Shields?

There are a few effective shields that really stand out when in the heat of battle.

Looking to really protect yourself against whatever monsters are thrown at you in Old School Runescape? Then consider looking for a Spirit Shield. These have a lot of useful advantages to them, but if you’re going to make the most out of them then you’ll need a bit of background first. Before you go sinking your OSRS gold and time into Spirit Shields, check out the following information about them.

The Spirit Shield

It’s worth mentioning right off the bat that the Spirit Shield is only available to members, so you’re out of luck if you only have a free account. There’s a range of these shields in the game, with there being five types in total. You have your basic and plain shields, which you will be able to upgrade to make them stronger.

Spirit Shield Requirements

To get your own Spirit Shield, you won’t be looking for OSRS gold for sale as such. They actually come as a rare drop via the Corporeal Beast, which is a tough creature to go up against. The Corp has a massive health pool to deal with, so be sure to go in prepared.

 Now that you know how to obtain a Spirit Shield, you’ll need to know how to be able to wield one of your very own. To do so, you’ll need to reach level 55 prayer, and level 45 in defence too. This is just for the basic Spirit Shield too. If you’re wondering about the bonuses that you can expect, those familiar with the Rune Kiteshield can expect something similar.

Meanwhile, we also have the Blessed Spirit Shield that can come in handy. To make your own, you will first need a plain Spirit Shield. Once you have it, combine it with a holy elixir. You’ll need to have level 85 prayer at the very least if you’re going to add this holy elixir. Those aren’t the only requirements either, as you’ll also have to get your defence up to level 70 too. There’s a requirement of level 60 prayer to wield it as well. In case you are wondering how you get the holy elixir, this is another drop that comes from the Corporeal Beast.

Spirit Sigils

If you have a Blessed Spirit Shield, then you can increase its capabilities by attaching a Spirit Sigil to it. Making these upgrades will require one of the three sigils that are available to you in the game. These include Elysian, Spectral and Arcane.

Once you have gotten a sigil and attached it to your Blessed Spirit Shield, it will then have the same name as whichever sigil you have used. Every sigil will offer something different to the shield in terms of abilities and bonuses, which will depend on what sigil you decide to use. Should you fall short of the relevant prayer level to get a Blessed Spirit Shield, then there is a way to get it blessed.

To do this, you’ll have to go to the Edgeville Monastery. Speak with Abbot Langley to bless it for you, though this will come at a price. You’re looking at a cost of 1,500,000 OSRS gp. With that in mind, if you’re struggling to get gold, then you might consider finding a source where you can buy OSRS gold.

The sigils also come from the Corporeal Beast. As you can imagine, this is an unavoidable fight to deal with if you’re going to be using Spirit Shields. They have their own requirements too, with 75 75 defence, 70 prayer and 65 magic needed for both the arcane and spectral Spirit Shields. However, the elysian Spirit Shield will need you to reach 75 in prayer as well as defence.

If you have the arcane sigil, then there are plans to bring in a process that would remove it if you wish. An update will make the change to the sigil in which you’ll be able to get it extracted. This will be done via Abbot Langley again. It will also destroy the Blessed Spirit Shield in the process, though you’ll get the arcane sigil back.

That’s the basic information on what to expect from the Spirit Shields in Old School Runescape. The Corporeal Beast plays a big part of the journey to getting these shields. This will be a battle that you will need to prepare for, and finding a site to buy OSRS gold from is a viable option. Just be careful when you do, and make sure to use only trusted OSRS gold sites. You will often find players opting for the cheapest OSRS gold options, but this might not be the best way forward.

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