Online shopping is what most consumers choose

Researchs shows almost 80% of consumers shop online nowadays. Online shopping is becoming part of people’s lifestyle; especially this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Every industry, brand and store had to adapt to the new technologies and marketing resources to be able to compete with each other. A great example would be e-commerce; every brand owns today a website where they sell all their products and goods, where they also provide all the information you need to carry out any transaction, all throughout the internet without having to leave your home.
There are websites that allow you not only to buy but also to sell; like Amazon or Ebay. You can sell and buy various types of products on those platforms, from underwear and camis to a brand new car or TV. 

Online shopping can save you time, effort, and the cost of travelling to the store. You don’t need to move, you can buy from the comfort of your home.
Even though most consumers choose online shopping, there is a sector that still prefers traditional in-store shopping and there are some common reasons for it. One of them is to question whether the web is reliable or not when it comes to paying for your purchase. Another reason is to distrust the quality of the product; it is well known many consumers have been scammed and received poor quality products or even something totally different from what they ordered. In addition, we also need to mention some people still like to go into the store and look around; especially when talking about women and clothes, since most of them like to try them on before purchasing.

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Either way, online shopping is increasing and evolving; retailers are improving their way of communicating and publicizing with new technologies to increase sales. The market has become very competitive due to online shopping, consumers are able to search on the web for the product they are looking for and the prices that offer the different stores and brands, this way they can compare and will probably choose the cheapest one. Of course, the price is not the only thing to consider when buying a product, but in general lines, most buyers will decide where to buy based on the price.

Tools that will help you with your online shopping

It is a fact we are living in a technological time; people use and rely on their smartphones and smart appliances for almost every task or job they have to do along the day. It is not odd to find more and more apps to help you make any of those tasks or jobs easier; and online shopping apps are no exception.
One of the favorites and more requested apps are the clothing shopping apps; they will help you find the best deals for any type of clothes, such as camis or coats, and many times offer discounts you won’t get on the store. Some of them will even help you to stay within your budget, in case you are a “shopaholic”.
Here will name some of the best apps for shopping clothes online, to help you buy without stressing yourself, like ThredUp, Gilt, OfferUp, Honey, Rue La La, Zulily, Depop and Rent the Runway (of course there are many others). You can download most of these apps for both IOS and Android in their respective stores.

Pros and cons on traditional and online shopping

Let us refer to traditional shopping first. There are plenty of positive aspects we may find in traditional in-store shopping; one of them (and maybe the most important) is that  If you want to shop for unique online gifts for men check this out product status, the material, and if you are buying clothes, you can try them on. Another “pro” is that you can get the product immediately after you pay and that you know where it comes from.
Now, let us cover the negatives; we can say you lose time, especially if you need to check on many stores to find what you are looking for. It is harder to compare prices, unless you take notes. And worst of all, the shop may be full of customers which makes the shopping stressful and long.
It is the turn of online shopping. The positive aspects are it allows you to save money and time because you wouldn’t have to move from your home (or wherever you are) it is easier to compare prices and you can send gifts. Most of the time you can find discounts that are not available for in-store shopping. On the negative side, when shopping online, you are not able to see the product, or try it on. You must wait for the product to arrive and this means there is a chance that it might get lost in the process. You have more chances of being scammed, and you may have to pay extra for shipping or delivery.

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