Best Way to Backup Office 365 Mailbox-Office 365 Email Backup Tool

Many Office 365 end-users and administrators think they don’t need Office 365 email backup. They believe their data stored in the cloud and is safe. But having Office 365 backup is always a great move. Even Microsoft suggests users to having a full Office 365 backup using a third-party tool.

Here in this blog, you will get to know two methods to backup your Office 365 mailboxes. One is using an inbuilt utility, and the second one is using a third-party backup tool. Before we start the backup methods, I’ll mention few reasons to backup Office 365 mailboxes.

Reasons to backup Office 365 mailboxes:

  • We all know Office 365 stores data on the cloud, but where no one knows. Sometimes it happens that users unintentionally delete emails or contact. It can cause unnecessary and unexpected problems. To avoid such scenarios, we suggest having backup copies of all emails, calendars, and contacts. So that even permanently deleted items can be restored from the backup copies.
  • As your Office 365 data is stored in the cloud, it is universally accessible. In other words, anyone can access it. And in a world full of ransomware and hacker, it is your responsibility to keep your data safe. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Take precautions and simultaneously backup Office 365 mailboxes on a local drive.
  • Protect your company by preserving all Office 365 data so that your business can operate smoothly. Ensure that you have a backup of all employees’ mailboxes data in case of data loss or an unexpected disaster.
  • We hope such a scenario will never happen with you but remember that you are the only one responsible for the safety of your Office 365 data.

How to backup Office 365 mailboxes?

There are solutions that come in handy to backup your Office 365 mailbox data and save yourself from unnecessary trouble. To say, you can use the manual method, but there is no reliable method to create Office 365 email backup.

E–discovery method to backup Office 365 mailboxes

E-discovery tool is used to search and find data from the mailboxes/public folders of Office 365. Later, users can export this data to PST files for future use. Follow the below-given steps to pursue the manual method:

  1. Firstly, log in to your Office 365 account and got to Exchange Admin Center.
  2. Now ensure that you are a member of the eDiscovery Manager role group. If you are not, add yourself.
  3. In the Content search windows, create a new Content search and select the mailboxes you want to export.
  4. Users can also filter their mailboxes before exporting. At last, you can export this search.
  5. Once the Office 365 export mailbox to PST process gets completed, you can download the search results to your computer.
  6. To download the backup, provide the export key that you get while downloading the search results. Users can save their Office 365 mailboxes as PST files to your system.
  7. Once Office 365 mailboxes are backed up in PST files, you can use those files to access your mailboxes again in case of data loss.

The E-discovery method has a long and technical process. We don’t suggest this method for non-technocrats and beginners. Manually a single misstep and all your Office 365 data will play hide and seek with you, and you will never find your data again.

You can manage your Office 36 backup using Office 365 data using Office 635 email backup tools such as Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool.

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool

It is a Office 365 Email backup tool specially designed to backup Office 365 mailboxes. The software is designed by keeping the users need at the center of the development process. It provides a convenient GUI that makes it an effortless tool even for non-technical users. Along with this, the software provides multiple features to create Office 365 email backup:

  • Backup Office 365 mailboxes: The software allows users/administrators to backup multiple Office 365 mailboxes in a single process. The software creates Office 365 email backup in PST file format. To back up the multiple Office 365 mailboxes users only have to provide the Office 365 username and password.
  • Backup Public folder & Archive mailboxes: The software is a professional utility and allows backup Office 365 Public folder and archive mailboxes to ensure that no important data is lost permanently.
  • Scheduling feature: Shoviv software knows that the Office 365 data gets increment day by day, and users receive emails daily in Office 365. For this, Shoviv Office 365 backup restore tool provides a scheduling feature that allows users to schedule the Office 365 email backup process simultaneously, daily, weekly, and monthly. Setup backup job simultaneously so that no item is lost unnoticed. 
  • Incremental Backup: Sometimes backup jobs can get interrupted due to abrupt shutdown of system and network error, and while establishing the connection, there are chances of duplicity. Shoviv software provides an Incremental backup option that allows to resume the backup and prevent duplicity.
  • Secure backup: Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore tool allows users to apply passwords on the resultant PST file to make them more securer. Besides this, it also allows users to set a file size for the PST file. Once the PST file reaches the selected file size, the software automatically split the PST file. 
  • Filter option: This Office 365 email backup tool by Shoviv has a filter option based on the date range, message class, and folder filter. Users can use the filter option to exclude unwanted items from the backup process. Using the folder filter option, you can exclude a complete folder from the process.
  • Free evaluation: This Professional Office 365 email backup tool comes with a free trial version. By installing and using the trial version, you can get assured about the software skills and capability before purchasing it.

Wrapping Up:

Here we have mentioned reasons and methods to backup Office 365 mailboxes. If you’re a technocrat, you can try the manual method. For hassle-free and secure backup, we suggest Shoviv Office 3665 backup and restore tool. In the end, it depends on you what you choose. Whatever you chose, chose wisely and according to your ease.

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