Nursing services face major challenges in the digital age

Nursing services in Germany need to adapt to the digital age for a variety of reasons. Probably the most frequently cited reason is cost efficiency. By using digital solutions, the cost structures in administration, but also the efficiency level of care can be increased once again. Providers such as Dropbox have been and still are the pioneers here. Dropbox is a cloud storage that can offer many advantages for companies in the care sector. Nevertheless, it is not the ideal solution in Germany!

Dropbox has made cloud storage popular, but is problematic

The American company Dropbox is one of the market leaders for cloud storage, and practically invented it. Nevertheless, the provider is very problematic in Germany. This is because it is an American company. Dropbox’s infrastructure is thus largely subject to American law. This is a big problem, especially for the care sector.

Nursing services not only work on people, but also with very sensitive data about the origin and health of their patients. American law, however, is not as strong on data protection. However, cloud storage for the German care industry must be designed to comply with DSGVO. Only then can the files also be stored securely! A Dropbox alternative from Germany as a secure cloud for companies in the care industry is therefore the only sensible solution.

The German alternative to Dropbox already exists!

A German alternative to Dropbox with more features, which can be a secure cloud for companies in the care sector and on which all data can be stored in a DSGVO-compliant manner, has long been available. Although this service costs good money, an outpatient care service receives a number of indispensable services in return.

An outpatient care service in particular benefits from greater mobility of data. If the caregiver can access all relevant data of the patient at any time and regardless of location in practical everyday life, this enables much more effective care. The Dropbox alternative from Germany is a solution that helps an outpatient care service and the entire care industry to work professionally and effectively. In the process, the files are always processed in compliance with DSGVO, and additionally anonymized. Foreign access by third parties is thus excluded, and in addition, the data is doubly secured by backup copies within the scope of storage processes.

The Dropbox alternative can be tested free of charge

Of course, new functions have to be implemented in the company. This costs time, and beforehand, one would like to inform oneself and also try it out. As a secure cloud for companies, the German alternative offers the possibility of a test phase. This is completely free of charge and does not involve any obligations.

So you can first try out the various functions on a small scale and free of charge and put German Alternative through its paces. You will always be professionally supported and receive full support for your digitally stored files. Actually, a Dropbox alternative from Germany cannot offer more. Care needs a digital management for important files and data. If this can be tested free of charge and the entire offer can be tailored to the individual needs of everyday business, the German alternative is definitely the best possible solution!

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