Music Trends 2021


Engagement on social/streaming platforms is about to rise

With the massive hit the entertainment industry experienced in 2020-21 (and continues…) due to Covid-19, the impact on creators, live music venues and sports bars was unspeakable. New streaming services are increasing, a.k.a TikTok, and existing platforms expand their roster of users by incorporating music to their app, such as Instagram reels. More and more people attend “virtual concerts’ ‘, live streams or click – per- view live concerts on streaming services. Artists became suddenly more accessible to their fanbases, as they would answer on Live Insta – stories or they would do Facebook in-home shows during quarantine. There’s no secret that Gen – Z is embracing this new way of speculating a concert, as the teenage popular group BTS sold over 1/3m dollars on virtual tickets to their “Bang Con ” livestream back in June 2020. 


Streaming platforms likely to accommodate to the needs of their users


Music has been integrated in our daily lives in so many ways. From podcasts to soundtracks and streaming, music has evolved as the means to transmit passion and meaning in life. During the past year, “online listening parties” became a thing with platforms such as HouseParty, leading the way for a virtual experience of the physical parties we all missed. But not only in a period of quarantine, platforms such as Discord became music platforms with the initiative to share music and connect real time with fans. Who knows if in the future we will see more platforms incorporating reaction buttons, live chats or even the ability to spectate other viewers, like in real life .



Music Documentaries are on the rise!

The music industry trend that is No.1 at this moment is undoubtedly the capturing of the journey and real life of the artists as live concerts and venues are still shut in most places of the world in 2021.

Beyonce’s Lemonade album, produced originally in 2016, is one of the most famous and current albums to be complemented by a visual film for people to see the lyrics being played on their screen.It welcomes another fresh and new route of storytelling to create a wider connection with Beyonce’s fanbase, and also enriches the streaming platforms with this fanbase that might now otherwise interact with them.

Musical artists are also filming BTS behind-the-scenes looks of their music videos and songs recordings to make their fans more engaged and provide content for the media. Ariana Grande, Beyonce ,Lady Gaga and Harry Stylesare only a few of the many that have released BTC content on YouTube, Netflix, and social media accounts. The rise of documentaries can also be seen on Britney Spears, accompanied by the movement #FREEBRITNEY that shocked the majority of the audience, with the exquisite information that revealed her past, regarding her sudden exposure to fame at a young age and manipulation of her assets by their associates. One thing to note is in all these cases, the fans request for “more”! And artists are called to expose, reveal and sometimes go to extreme lengths to please the audiences.


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