Mobile Internet Data Usage in Your Device

In order to stay connected and to keep up in pace with the racing world, it becomes a bit difficult to keep your phone at bay. In current times, mobile data is equivalent to money, not optimising your phone and mismanaging data may cause you quite a financial loss.. How would it feel if you could make it to the end of your billing cycle without incurring any extra charges for the same? Well, yes it is definitely possible! It is quite easy to manage and trim your mobile data usage without any significant effect on your daily experience.Thanks to some tricks and ways that help in reducing the data usage of your phones and tabs, and make life easier!

In this article we have compiled various methods one may follow to cut down their device’s data usage which will help in their smooth functioning and shall save your money too.

So let’s begin!

Wireless and empowered

To empower businesses & strongly connected mobile workforce, good wireless solutions are necessary, that may allow impactful networking and communication throughout the world.. Techno giants like Rogers bring you a broad array of wireless solutions to choose from. Rogers wireless near you can open up great business opportunities with fast and secure wireless solutions and data usage.Going wireless with finely managed data consumption is all that we need, but how to manage wireless data usage efficiently is something to understand.

Diagnose your data usage

It is necessary to find out where the problem lies by simply accessing the Network & Internet section by reaching out to your system settings. Majority of the apps or programs consuming huge data could be web browsers, social media programs, along with audio/video streaming apps. There could be other programs or apps also that may be consuming considerably lower amounts of data, as much as few megabytes, then it is suggested to open them for data statistic breakdown to analyse foreground and background usage and act accordingly.

Mobile data usage on Android devices can be controlled via the Settings app by tapping over Data Usage->Billing Cycle->Data limit and billing cycle. This is where one may set the monthly limit of wireless data you wish to consume and may also choose automatic disconnection from the network as soon as the data limit is exhausted.

Overcoming Unimportant background data consumption

To address untimely wireless data exhaustion it is necessary that we limit instances when unimportant background data is being consumed without our knowledge. Social, calendar, news, and weather apps tend to be the major causative agents and often call for a check at regular intervals throughout for new updates. You may also opt to disable that feature.Finding huge amount of data usage by apps in background could also be curbed by using the“Restrict app background data ” feature. This will ensure that the app shall consume data only when it is opened.

Using Wi-Fi primarily

Switching to WiFimeans you’re saving your mobile data for access to internet. Various public places provide free internet access over Wi-Fi, such as cafeterias, malls, libraries, restaurants, and even airports. It is highly suggested to look for a free Wi-Fi signal and connect. The free internet access over WiFi lets you experience smooth networking without worrying about consuming your mobile data.

Updating apps over Wi-Fi 

It happens to be the most significant method of reducing your wireless data usage. The process requires disabling the automatic app updates feature in Play Store or App store. Go to Play Store and tap on Menu->Settings ->Auto-update apps, always make sure of selecting “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.”

Save downloads on Wi-Fi

A major factor that saves a good amount of your wireless data is when you update or download your favourite apps, image, video or just anything using WiFi rather than mobile data.

Updates, uploads, and downloads are the vital aspects of the internet that drain huge amounts of data. So, whether online gaming or video streaming, try to manage as much data as you can when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Deactivate Wi-Fi Assist/Smart Network Switch

Certain built-in features of Apple iPhones and Android devices, namely WiFi Assist and Smart Network Switch respectively, activate the use of mobile data whenever the WiFi signals are down in order to boost them. When WiFi signal gets sluggish, these features help in restoring the connectivity by using the wireless data in order to improve performance. It could be managed by turning off these functions.

Switching off WiFi Assist in Apple iPhone requires the following steps:

Go to Settings->Hit Cellular->Scroll down and you’ll find the slider for WiFi Assist to turn off

No need to autoplay

Autoplay functions to consume significant amounts of data when videos are streamed in a continuous fashion at times when it is not required.Videos being the top most contenders for consuming large amounts of data can be streamed in lower quality to save data. Apps with video streaming option such as Facebook Android app, Twitter, and even the most famous- YouTube, have a toggle to decide video quality as well as to turn off the autoplay option. In the Facebook Android app when you open the main menu, tap “Settings & Privacy,” scroll down to “Data Saver” where you’ll find a toggle that’ll both reduce the size of auto-downloaded images and control autoplay. Similarly, in the Twitter app the Settings lead you to “Data Usage” section which offers data-saving options to avoid downloading high definition images.

Compression of mobile browsing

There are certain additional ways to keep a check on your data usage and that include using browsers that are less prone to huge data consumption such as Google’s Chrome Android browser where you can opt forLite Mode that tends to route pages through Google’s servers in a compressed form when they reach you saving as much as 60% of data as per estimates by Google.


Cutting down on your mobile data usage may save you or your employer a good amount on your phone bill. Reducing The data usage may also help enhance your battery life as well as prevent you from additional spending.Setting a limit to your monthly data consumption can save you time and money and keep you from exhausting surplus amounts of data unknowingly.


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