Makeup Trends To Try Out in 2021

The beauty industry continues to evolve all over the world, with Australia being no exception. According to statistics, the Beauty and Personal Care market in the country is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.11% from 2021-2025. While the pandemic may have caused some hiccups along the way, the market is now back and thriving.

If you are planning to buy wholesale makeup in Australia, you might not be sure what to get. After all, you may have put makeup in the backseat last year. Fortunately, you need not worry, as the 2021 makeup scene is more exciting than ever. Here are some of the top trends you should try out this year to give you creative inspiration.

No-Makeup Makeup

The no-makeup makeup look has been almost for a while now, but it grew to become more popular than ever in 2021. Natural skin is completely in this year, with people choosing lighter and minimum formulas instead of a full-coverage foundation. The trend is all about achieving that healthy and dewy look to allow your skin to breathe and embrace your natural features!

Stained Lips

As it was in the previous trend, stained lips are in vogue even now. Lip stains are great since they add colour to your lips without the dryness that matte formulations usually have. Most products can also double as a cheek stain, so they are handy to bring with you in your makeup bag.

Soap Brows

No doubt, brow trends are constantly changing, and this year is no exception. The current trend is soap brows, which you have likely seen all over Instagram and TikTok. As its name suggests, it involves using a soap bar to shape your brows. Even before today, makeup artists already used this method to create full and fluffy brows.

With the trend taking over social media, it is no surprise that soap brows are the most significant brow trend of 2021. Since soap is thicker than gel, it gives a stronger hold and keeps your brows in place for a longer time. Several beauty brands have already started releasing soap brow kits, so you can easily try out this effortless look.

Multicolour Eyeshadow

Since the pandemic made masks part of the new normal, the eyes became the centre of attention in the face. Thus, if you are stocking up on wholesale makeup in Australia, make sure to include different eyeshadows!

Multi-Coloured eyes are a huge trend this year. Fun, bright, and vivid colours like electric blue and emerald green create major hype as they help you make a statement and give off a playful and optimistic vibe. Now is the perfect time to experiment with new looks, colours, and textures, as the 70s disco era is a major inspiration in the beauty community.

Reverse Cat Eye

Similar to the dramatic disco-inspired eyeshadow trend, bold eyeliner will be huge in 2021. The classic cat- eye has made a comeback this year, but other than this, another new trend is exploding on TikTok: the reverse cat-eye. This look is exactly as its name suggests–it is an inverted version of the regular winged liner.

The idea is to emphasise your lower lash line and create a more sultry, smoky, and sexy look. You might find it strange at first, but give it a shot, and you will likely be surprised at how flattering it can look!

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