Make a gourmet basket

  1. Take a wicker basket

To make a food-themed gift basket, a wicker basket works best with the theme. However, you are free to make another choice, but be sure to stick to the theme and select a basket that has a traditional, warm feel. You can use a cheese board and place wine and cheese in it. A burlap sack can be filled with various kinds of teas and coffees, for example. Finally, a wooden crate can be a good idea by garnishing it with fruit and wine 

  1. Target the theme well

Wanting to make a food themed gift basket to give to someone you care about is a really good idea. However, the theme of food is broad. You must therefore define the idea from the theme to make your gift basket. There are many known examples. Make a basket of cheese and wine. Use one to two bottles of wine and top with several cheeses. You can add bread too. Prepare a basket of coffees and teas. In addition to some kinds of teas and coffees, add cakes and cookies, some of which can be flavored with coffee or tea. Make a basket of chocolates. Choose various chocolates that have different shapes to make your basket.

Make a basket with nuts and fruit. mclovin fake id will help to buy best cards for your family and friends, you should  visit here to buy various types of interesting cards. Lots of variety available there you must visit there once. If the person loves chocolate, the theme is perfect. All you have to do is find delicious chocolates. Be careful, some people are not very fond of sweets and this type of basket would not be a good idea. Think about the time of year. There are types of foods that are associated with certain times of the year or certain holidays. Winter brings to mind hot chocolate and mint. Summer is linked to various fruits and vegetables. Fall is associated with potatoes, pumpkin, caramels and cinnamon.

  1. Choose a combination of products

 You can make a basket with fresh products, cans and ready-made meals that need to be reheated in the kitchen. The choice for the different products will depend on your ability to cook well, the time limit for offering the basket and of course the theme you have chosen for this occasion. If you are going to gift your basket today or tomorrow, you can afford to include items in the basket, such as fruit, freshly baked cakes, cheese. On the other hand, if you plan to offer your basket in a week, the fresh products are to be excluded. If you need to keep the basket for several days before you can give it to the person, then choose cans, vacuum-packed meals and other products that have an expiration date.

Make a basket for the spa


  • Choose a suitable basket


 A wooden or wicker basket will absorb moisture, while a plastic or metal basket will not. To make a basket for the spa, choose a basket made of metal or plastic. As a result, the person who will receive the gift basket will be able to go into the bathroom with the basket perfectly.

If you can’t find a metal or plastic basket, look in the bathroom department of a DIY store or supermarket to find shower baskets. Do not take a basket that is made up of several compartments, as you might be hassled to fill it.


  •  Complete the basket with quality products


 Add lotions, skin and hair creams from top brands. The recipient of the basket must be able to enjoy a day at home. It is therefore necessary that all the products to make a success of this day are in the basket. Take common products and other specific and good ones.

The selection of common bath products can be: body lotion, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, face wash. These items are often found in most bathrooms. On the other hand, luxury bath products are becoming rarer. It will be an exfoliate, a body spray, effervescent tablets for foot baths or a bubble bath.

Note that common products may be of a higher range. All you need to do is opt for higher quality, handmade or organic products.Select a scent. It is not necessary that all products have the same scent. However, be sure to choose products that have similar scents or pair well. The person must be able to use all the products during their spa day. It will be easier if you know the scent of the person. Otherwise, head for scents, like vanilla, rose or lavender which are very popular.


  •  Enhance the basket with other products


To make the day richer and more exhilarating, add products that will complement the decor and ambiance of the day. We must see beyond the bath and the care.You could add scented candles to the basket. The person can thus create a comfortable and warm atmosphere to take a bubble bath, for example. Add a manicure kit and the person can take care of themselves a little longer. Try not to add items that can be eaten to the basket. It would be unfortunate if the person made a mistake in the articles and threw chocolates in the bathwater. It is important to adhere to a guideline, namely body care products and nothing else.


  • The coffee-themed gift


You certainly know people around you who are literally addicted to coffee. Well, here is the opportunity to help them dive a little deeper into their addiction, by offering them a bag of their favorite coffee, as well as a Mug so that they will never forget your contribution to their problem. You can put everything in a small, subtly decorated crate. 


  • On a slightly more rustic theme


The compote is of such rare refinement that it is almost admitted that not appreciating it is a sign of madness. It therefore seems quite natural to erect a monument to his glory. It is in this sense that the fruity gift could not do without a fresh applesauce and two or three apples. All placed in the delicate towel that lines the inside of a wicker basket topped with butterflies. And for a touch of master, a card discreetly slipped between the apples, carrying the sweetest words to the ear of the blessed.

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