Listen to music the right way with Spotify

Listening to music is one of the most important activities during one’s leisure time. Even during work, music can help us stay calm when work may get too much. Which is why the way you listen to music should be made easier. Today, music streaming has become incredibly easy because of apps like Apple Music and SoundCloud. But besides these, stands one app called Spotify.

Spotify is considered to be one of the best music streaming apps in the world with a wide range of availability of songs from all over the world. When it comes to artists, they often look at Spotify to be the main app where they would want their music, but why is this? Through multiple reports, it is seen that Spotify is the most popular music streaming app in the world having over thousand of daily listeners using the app and what’s even better is that each stream of a song can help the artists generate some amount of revenue.

Now for artists, what is now also a viable option is to buy Spotify plays to get them more plays on their songs which can help their account get more exposure and also generate more revenue.

How is Spotify Different?

How is Spotify Different?

The question that is often asked is, how is Spotify considered to be different from other music streams? Here are some points that help the app stand out from the rest.

  • The Different Versions of Spotify

When you use Spotify, you will notice that there are two versions that you can use, which is the basic and the premium version. In the basic version, you can listen to your favourite songs for as long as you may want but may have to listen to advertisements in between, which is not the case with Premium. On Premium Spotify, you will have no advertisements thus you can listen to your favourite music without any disturbance which is what makes it better.

  • What Is Spotify for Artists?

Recently, Spotify released another app which is called, “Spotify for Artists” which can help artists track their song insights and see who is listening to their music from where. Such measures can help the artist in planning future concerts or fundraisers. A crowdfunding campaign can help the artist get more funds which can help in their success and all of this is possible through Spotify for Artists which has been made especially for the Artist.

  • Artist Promotion 

Artists try their best to promote their music as much as possible. However, despite the sharing on all social media platforms, they may not get the recognition which they deserve which is why through Spotify promotion they can make a paid advertisement where people can tap the advertisement banner and go straight to the artist’s song. These are methods which can help the artist get more exposure. Besides this, they can also pitch their music to Spotify so they can get featured on Spotify Editorial Playlists. These playlists have thousands of likes and can help a song get more plays.

Hence, these are small yet efficient factors that make Spotify into something different compared to other music streaming apps.

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