Let’s unfold the 2022 investment trends Paul Haarman!

With covid striking every life on this planet, it is important to consider the future investment trends. You do not want to invest all your hard-earned money that does not fetch great returns and results in risks. Find out the latest investment avenues in 2022 to make a profitable return.

Real estate is one booming market that is always advantageous for investors. There is a bare minimum risk of loss on investments as you invest money stage by stage. You can also ask for a preferential mortgage amount to support further investments. There is always an appreciation of prices in real estate, but there are certain downsides also. Taxes are the major loss to any real estate business entrepreneur. Let us explore the 2022 market trending investments methods to get 100% profits with minimum risks involved.

Explore the 2022 investment trends with Paul Haarman 

  • Vegan food industry: You would be surprised to learn that there is substantial growth in the vegan food market. People are gradually switching to artificial meat and an alternative to protein. More than 7 billion people are there on this planet, and over 15% prefer consuming only vegan food. This would give you an idea about the magnanimity of vegan options you can create for this market. Plant-based food that provides a healthy alternative to health-conscious people who want to avoid an animal on their plate is a soaring industry. Place the money that will fetch you returns for the coming few decades and is not short-lived. Paul Haarmansays that the vegan industry is a great investment for a sustainable and profitable business.
  • Renewable energy: With global needs changing remarkably, it is important to consider more renewable energy sources. The generation of electricity through wind and solar sources are booming in the past few decades. It is a sustainable and healthy alternative to older methods of energy sources like oil and gas. You can look for cleantech stocks in renewable energy to get a long-term business with soaring returns with minimum risks.
  • Online healthcare: Healthcare is the priority with Covid. Many people are looking for alternative medicine and different methods of seeing the doctor. Investing in medical services that offer online healthcare – medication, prescription, appointments, basic health care advice, and drug delivery services would surely bring promising returns. Online pharmacies and local mobile applications are few examples of this.
  • Pet care: Grooming, caring or just dog walks – some of the requirements are going online. The pet industry is increasing every decade. You can quadruple your business by investing in the online market for pet products, grooming services, veterinarian services, dog walk services, and even emergency ambulance services.
  • Online food order: Restaurants are now takeaways and online order food services. You can consider investing in smart online solutions to tag with local restaurants and deliver food to different locations. You would need very minimum investment, just a great supply chain service to pick and drop the food.

Paul Haarman encourages investing in a business that will sustain till 2025 and beyond. Look for more options that are eco-friendly; after all, you have certain responsibilities towards this planet.

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